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  1. ok. thank you. but the blue flies occures when im not push. my doctor did asked for a eyedoctor last week, so im going to a eyedoctor very soon. my doctor looked in my eyes reflex and they was normal.
  2. ok. i dindt got headace or sickness after the hallucinations. but i see the car lights as stars also. that is always and started a week ago. and i see the colors in only dark walls and dancing blue "flies" when i looking at the sky (not at the sun).
  3. i dont see them in bright walls. it is only in episodes. it happened first time today. i dont see them always. they was moving like dancing strobe lighth without the strobe but with dancing and disapeared and came back and disapeared on and on in unregular patterns the about 15 minutes it was going on. the yellowgreen balls on the image i drawed, was floating and got bigger and floated over my eyes, most the purple was on my right eye. the purple zigzag was formating in shapes and the white dots was flickering and strobing. sorry for annoying you.
  4. a image i drawed of my diferent hallucinations i got this morning whenn i stared on a dark wall. i never had them before. it lasted in about 15 minutes. i do not use drugs. what can it be? (see image)
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