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  1. I agree! And also we live and interact so closely with symbiotic bacteria or the environment that i dont know how right it is to see them as separate entities...there is a blurring on how individual organisms are defined or if there should such a definition exist at all. Maybe its just an anthropocentric bias
  2. Yes but those mathematics or models don't apply in biology because biology is more about spatial interactions. Even DNA regulation has to do with the spatial conformation of the molecule inside the nucleus. And then stability is favored. You can have creation of membranes, pores, fistulas, etc. For instance if a structure ends up being inside a structure, it stops interacting with other molecules it might have been previously interacted. Computed made structures might be vague simulations with hints of truth, but don't mix science and fiction...
  3. Thanks!! But to be fair, there is a huge leap from the creation of necessary components to the creation of order out of disorder.... I dont remember who said: Give me a miracle from free and i will explain the entire creation...
  4. I can count the probabilities of all events that happened a within a week before our conception that if were otherwise we would not be here. It would be probably higher than chances of life not to emerge from chemistry. For someone with IQ>100, this points not towards magical interference, but towards a perspective issue. Like for instance life being a huge system of evolving chemical reactions judged under the perspective of a tiny fraction of results (us) embedded inside the system.
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