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  1. https://theconversation.com/new-evidence-for-a-human-magnetic-sense-that-lets-your-brain-detect-the-earths-magnetic-field-113536 A human response to Earth-strength magnetic fields might seem surprising. But given the evidence for magnetic sensation in our animal ancestors, it might be more surprising if humans had completely lost every last piece of the system. Thus far, scientists found evidence that people have working magnetic sensors sending signals to the brain – a previously unknown sensory ability in the subconscious human mind. The full extent of our magnetic inheritance remains to be discovered.
  2. Quantum entanglement has been subject to many experiments at subparticle scale. But when it goes to human scale, we are approaching the science fiction realm; the so called teleportation. https://theconversation.com/experiment-shows-einsteins-quantum-spooky-action-approaches-the-human-scale-95372
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