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  1. I'm not sure. I have a glass of 450 milliliter solvent. In this solvent are 5.40 g NaOH. The concentration is 0.300 mol / g. Are the 450 milliliters the volume of the solvent alone, or is it the volume of the solvent when NaOH is already present? And if it’s both, how can I find out the volume only of the solvent? Thanks for your anwsers
  2. The question is in german. I have to calculate the medium atomic mass of natural chlorine. The isotops are Cl-37 (24,23%) and Cl-35 (75,55%)
  3. oh, that's pretty simple. Thank you for your fast anwser.
  4. I have learned that a vacuum is a space without matter. In this room, the cathode ray moves forward without distraction. Does the beam really move completely forward, or is the beam still distracted by something else (for example, gravity)? Thanks for your answers
  5. In my chemistry book there is the task that I should calculate the "average of atomic mass unit" of two isotopes of chlorine. The solution is that the "atomic mass units" are calculated. Then they are added together. (Example: 26,496u + 8,957u = 35,453u). And that is already the result. But if you calculate the average, you still have to divide by two. Why I dont have to divide in this calculation? Thanks for your answers
  6. I read that one can distract alpha particles and beta particles, but no gamma rays. I also know that gamma rays are electromagnetic waves (not alpha and beta rays). I do not yet understand why gamma rays can be distracted. Is it because you cannot divert electromagnetic radiation, or is there a different reason? Thanks for your answers
  7. I look at the different ranges that have alpha radiation, beta radiation and gamma radiation in the air. Alpha radiation has the smallest distance, gamma radiation the longest. Unfortunately, I do not know why. Can someone explain the different ranges? Thanks for your answers
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