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  1. JOSES


    Ghideon. From Newtons theory the planets are kept in orbit by the equal forces of attraction and repulsion. For the Earth to stop its rotation and revolution it implies the sun(light) would have been no more. Similarly all other planets will also stop their rotation and revolution. As it stands now there is no single force capable of stopping only the earths motion. The only time the earth and other planet will remain still is when there is no sun, consequently when this happens time will be infinite and this is incompatible with life and motion of of any molecule or atom.
  2. JOSES


    it is of the wrong notion that time prevents things from happening together,time is independent of events. its only possible to have time because the universe (earth) is in motion and it covers be it a linear or an angular distance. on earth time is just approx a 24hr event. on Venus the sun rises from the west and settles in the east and it also takes 116d 18h 0m. on earth its approx the same 24hrs that repeats itself and accumulates to be erroneously termed the passage of time. time is definite on the earth and thats 24hrs (different from all planets), its accumulation is not progression, it only repeats itself. time travel to the past is also impossible due to the repetitions, however time travel to the future may be possible but within 24hours. anything beyond the earths 24 hours is impossible as time will repeat itself. future events during this travel cannot be seen because time is independent to events. for this well known equation to be true time=distance/velocity . time can only be infinite when the universe stands still. for the universe to even decay it will occur within time. the 24 hour cycle yes changes depending on the angular velocity of the earth. however this is negligible considering how long the earth has been in existence. the earth can never have its one side facing the sun forever. what happened to newtons first law. the BB was not what created light , however as i said earlier the nonsense of let there be light meant the coming to existence of light and time. without the existence of light per E=mc2 ,there would have been no energy for the big bang to occur. pure nonsense it may seem now. but these so-called nonsense will be one day taught by you.
  3. JOSES


    The Universe also keeps expanding (moving) hence change /transformation continues.. Its not just about planet earth all other planets rotates and revolves around the sun. For there to be Energy to transform the universe there should have been the existence of light and as such matter(mass) per Albert Einstein.
  4. JOSES


    THE MERGING THEORY OF TIME Over the years there have been great advancement in Science to enhance our understanding of TIME, notably among them is the theory of Relativity by the Great Albert Einstein of old. From the biblical perspective there are a lot on how the world and time begun, such is the Science perspective of the Big Bang Theory from which everything begun. We all as Physicists are familiar with these equations; 1. Velocity=Distance/Time 2. w=Revolution/Time 3.E=mc2 (square) These equations say a lot about time, as they are the foundation for how time begun and how our world started. Based on the above these theories were deduced. 1. It is debated that Time is an Illusion; yes it is because of how we have understood it till now. 2. TIME is actually an accumulation of Repetitions. Although events change/happen with time, time however is not dependent on events. On earth, time is just a 24hour cycle which accumulates to form days, weeks, months and years. The 24hour is always a cycle although can be counted as Days. Everything in the past happened within our present 24hour cycle. 3. There can therefore never be a Time travel to the past or Reversing Time as Time is always a Repetition. The events that occur in the past occurred within the same Time as today. The past is just an accumulation of the 24hr cycles. 4. Travelling faster than the speed of light (law of Relativity) will allow you see your current time ahead of your local time however one can’t see the events that will occur beforehand, as time is independent of the events. Time is just a repetition. Previous trends can however allow you predict events that will happen in the near future. 5. Time can be definite and indefinite. From the equation; TIME=DISTANCE/VELOCITY TIME=REVOLUTIONS/ANGULAR SPEED When velocity is zero, time is infinite. Our Earth spins continuously, supposing the Earth stops its Rotation and Revolution, there will be no time on earth. Similarly all living things and non-living things (contain molecules and atoms that are in motion) will cease to change/transform when there is no motion externally or within them. 6. For TIME to be definite (exist) hence it requires there should be motion and distance (space). 7. For our 24hour cycle to change implies there should be a change in the speed of Rotation or Size of the Earth. 8. Before the Beginning of the World (Time indefinite) there could have been a mass/object that had no motion (external or internal) but still be in Space (distance). 9. Ones this mass moves either externally or by its internal constituents time should start. 10. From the Big Bang Theory which suggests there was a large cosmic explosion suggests there was a mass/object before this. 11. Similarly from Einstein’s equation E=mc2 for there to be such energy to produce a Big Bang there should have been a mass/object and the existence of light. 12. That is before the SUN came to existence to produce light. 13. From the biblical perspective there was an empty Earth (mass) without form, heavens (space) and darkness. When the Word went forth as let there be light 14. The now existence of light and mass could give the Explosion energy (Big Bang) as it is from Einstein’s equation 15. The creation of light begins the formation of time; light is as old as the beginning of time. 16. The biblical perspective of End time is possible when motion (velocity) is zero, thus making time indefinite as said in the Bible and where there will be no light. 17. As it is now, there are only theories on what causes our Earth and other planets to rotate and revolve around the sun. 18. Our Human senses are limited hence technology has made us aware of the existence of other spectrum of Electromagnetic wave, similarly there could be the existence of other unperceived occurrences yet to be demonstrated scientifically. 19. We cannot eliminate the existence of the unseen only because we cannot perceive them now. These theories are open to scrutiny and any future findings to disprove it. However it is my desire that the Physicist body will take these theories to deeper thoughts. Dr Vuvor Kafui Joses Bachelor of Sciences—University of Ghana MBChB -------University of Ghana Medical School
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    THE THEORY ABOUT TIME theory about time.docx