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  1. Silvana

    the soul

    I take your point. In grade school I had a science teacher who wouldn't let us say something was discovered, but that it's existence was discovered, because, of course, it had been there all along.
  2. Silvana

    What is religion? And is science spiritual?

    I don't disagree, my point was that initially, some of the knowledge used to hypothesize the Higgs Boson was not always considered "knowledge" or even proven. It had to be proven each step to get to the Higgs Boson. And the methods and ways to prove it also had to be developed and tested.
  3. Silvana

    Can science prove God ?

    There have been studies trying to prove whether or not payers work as well as studies trying to prove the existence of God. This article flips it, and asks if there is a science to prayers? I don't think there is a concrete answer to either question. My take is exactly this from the article: "Ultimately, it’s hard to study something that can’t be seen or measured. For believers, it’s from faith and experience that we know how deeply prayer impacts our lives." And I would say it is the same for skeptics. What would it take to convince a skeptic to believe, or a believer not to believe?
  4. Silvana

    What is religion? And is science spiritual?

    In both spirituality and science, at some point, you have to decide something is true and decide to believe based on that belief. Science has more ways to demonstrate that your belief may be right, but that hasn't always been so. For example, Higgs boson was just a theory until its existence was confirmed. In order to do that, the Hadron collider needed to be developed. So, theoretically, the existence of spiritual concepts could be demonstrated with the right equipment.
  5. Silvana

    Can science prove God ?

    How would you define proof, anyway? What measurements would you require? Would there be any way to duplicate results? As long as any of this is in question, you will always have believers and disbeliivers.
  6. Silvana

    Did Paul exist?

    Don't we do similar with house arrest monitors? The only reason we don't drag them around is because we no longer have routes and circuits.
  7. Silvana

    Was the snake a liar?

    Did the snake lie, or was he just not telling all of the truth? Meaning, would eating the apple make Eve like god in every way, or just in some ways, e.g, having knowledge of good and evil, but not being godlike.
  8. Silvana

    Can science prove God ?

    Science can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God. And whether it does or not, those who believe will continue to believe, and those who don't won't.
  9. Silvana

    Cats in Ancient Egypt

    Perhaps homosapien's evolution stopped, but who knows really, since evolution takes so long. There may also be other species still evolving.
  10. Silvana

    the soul

    Belief or non-belief doesn't negate the existence of something that can't be proven.