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  1. ok vevermind screw it ill think of somthing self because im only 18 and i amm not really prepared to have all this stuff done with in the next 24 hours
  2. ok i had an idea thought id run it buy you Id ask a female athlete that has been trained and competed in sports that require physical endurance stamina and strentgh Try and simulate a practice by putting headphones on here with a coach yelling and making remarks having here answer tuff math problems and doing a physical movement like punching the air or somthing
  3. No i was thinking somthing like could i do somthing like take a female from my class and put them an intense situation like have a cocah yell at them or somthing to show how they are mentally or somthing like that
  4. But do you have any experiments i can performe to show that
  5. Yes because im doing a report on women competeing with the men in sports and if they can handle it or not
  6. Like pressure they would endure during a real intense sports practice
  7. Does any one have an experiment to show what goes on in the mind of a women during a pressure situation that i could show as a demonstration for my 12th grade rhetoric Research Essay Thanks
  8. Does anyone have a suggestion to show what goes on in a females mind when put into a pressure situation Thanks
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