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  1. Some people on here are stupid enough to deserve such commentary. Don’t you think?
  2. Going entirely without sleep for a few days only is fatal. You risk heart failure and strokes. In Japan it is common to die from this, they overwork to death and have strokes. I’ve read a lot about FFI and the main focus is the insomnia, the insomnia caused by the prion disease. The name is literally familial FATAL INSOMNIA. It ends similarly to the Japanese overwork-death. On wikipedia, you can see the entire process of the body breaking down. You seem like a completely retarded person, to be honest: what is your point? I’m speaking of fatal insomnia, FFI included: FFI is fatal, I doubt you know what you’re talking about. Seek treatment for your tiny brain, find something better to do with your life than to comment on things you obviously know very little about. I’m one of the brightest geniuses you’d ever meet, and I can NEVER seem to understand why there’s always this tiny group of retarded people in our population who decide to comment on things they know nothing about, or make assumptions. It annoys me. Honestly, I just HAD to say this: because you seem like you’re a robot without a red thread or main point other than to attempt to find something, just ANYTHING, to comment on - and then you know so very little about it - you probably never even heard of FFI before. Sorry, but I had a really bad day and I’m tired of idiots like you in our forums. Study it thoroughly, then comment. EDIT: JUST FYI: not much of an edit but: I confused you with the other guy, dimreeper. I thought you were the same person. Made it look like you were just one person trying to ”comment on something you knew nothing about just for the sake of it”. I still doubt you know anything of FFI. You really should study properly before replying. Insomnia is always fatal in ”high doses”! Prion disease caused or not - it ends with strokes and heart disease. The body wears out and dies. This happens after only a few days of 0 minutes of sleep. If you manage to get more sleep, you survive longer. Sleep is a basic need, like eating. You seem like an extreme uneducated idiot just like dimreepr.
  3. Read about FFI, it’s a real disease. Don’t be ignorant. This is fatal. Also see the Japanese cases of intentional insomniacs.
  4. This is actually entirely false and proven by science. People with fatal insomnia have done technological tests measuring their brain waves to prove they sleep as little as 0 minutes per night. The person who spread this false science about “sleeping more than you think” should receive life-time prison for the suffering they have caused REAL FATAL insomniacs, who DIE from their insomnia. Absolutely horrifying to see such idiotic and false publications. FFI is rare but there are most probably many unregistered victims of this disease.
  5. Thank you for sharing your answers. My question is if there’s anything you can do for a person with FFI aka Fatal Insomnia, to prevent their death (arrives in 9 months to 2 years, few live longer)? Meditation? Foods? Vitamins? How to prevent strokes and heart failure in a severely sleep deprived insomniac?
  6. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows how humans can replace sleep, and what year we would be estimated to have the medical knowledge and tools to be able to do that? If you go long without sleep, the body decays and you die, usually combined with heart failure or stroke. I also wonder what energizes us? /FreeTheGenius
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