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  1. Hello Scientists! I’m setting up a crime scene that has “bloody” evidence -- shoeprints, knife, etc. (The ‘blood’ is simply red paint.). I would like the team members to perform a Kastle-Meyers test on the ‘blood’ … some coming up positive (pink), others negative for the presumptive test. I’ve purchased synthetic blood (which isn’t necessarily cheap, and has a limited shelf life once opened) to which I can apply on top of the paint and get the pink reaction using phenolphthalein and hydrogen peroxide. Question: What inexpensive chemical (solution) can I apply on top of th
  2. Hi All New here, I hope an easy question? I have created some basic forensic activities and 'games' for kids (and adults). I would like to simulate the Chemiluminescence effect that Luminol creates when sprayed on blood using two (or more) other chemicals/liquids: For example, I want to spray/splash some translucent (chemical) liquid on a wall and then spray another chemical on that to create the glow you would get using luminol. Where I live (in Asia), luminol is difficult to get and VERY expensive (I would be doing this many times) ... importing it isn't an option, etc. Also
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