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  1. @CharonY Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli strain k12, now they have the required factors. F- and F+ but the problem is here, it has extra's growing on top of the Bacillus that isn't supposed to look like Bacillus. It looks slightly darker in color, has 2 dots on the side, 1 green, 1 yellow, and some extra bits growing on top of the parts. Here I will link a picture... Now I put them under a microscope and I can sort of post a video on it flowing under the conditions of 80C (Would kill this Escherichia) I'm trying to have Bacillus and Escherichia exchange genes in the topic of high-temperature resistance. I might have a mixed culture who knows! Under the microscope I grabbed a slide and stained it with methylene blue and put it on a hot plate to 80C, today, however, I am going to 150C (Normal survivable range of Bacillus and see if either can go over the limit. Links to the pictures: (Bacillus and E.COLI strain k12 combined.) (Bacillus and E.COLI strain k12 colonized.)
  2. So basically, I was trying to put 2 different bacterial types into 1 petri dish..... This falls under the topic of genetics due to me wanting to do bacterial conjugation process. But I'm not sure if I let them grow together and form and transfer DNA together while growing or separately grow them out and then put 2 into a different petri dish again and let them form. Would they kill each other? Would they grow into 1 mega bacteria? Any suggestions?