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  1. I have a question abou evolution that I have thought about for years, maybe someone can help me out with an answer... How is evolution possible with out some kind of creator or prior knowledge?? I get the natural selection proccess, but lets go back to after the big bang, but before animals and such... If we came from nothing and there was nothing before the big bang, where did the knowledge come from for evolution to start. It doesnt make sense to me that we all came from nothing. From the very first organisms that came to life, there had to have been some kind of knowledge that is the backbone of evolution for that organism to come to be. It doesnt make sense to me that these first organisms came from absolutely nothing. Even "Light"... i dont understand how photons ever came to be without a ultimate knowledge or creator. Atoms, electrons, photons... I dont understand how evolution explains how these this were created from nothing. The best analogy I can use is: You can put all the pieces to a computer together... but that computer is never going to do anything unless it get some kind of programming. It will just sit there for eternity, not being able to do anything or know what to do. Even with the big bang..if there was originally nothing, how did the big bang happen with no prior knowledge of laws or physics. You cant just have a big bang, then all of a sudden there is a forever expanding universe with planets made from all types elements. Everything that is on the periodic table... couldnt have just come from nothing.. at least in my mind.. I'm not a religious person, but I do believe there has to be some kind of creator. I think alot, and this is something that has been on my mind for many years. I just thought I would post here and hear other peoples thoughts. Cheers
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