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  1. 2-methyl-1,3,5-trinitroben

    A yellow alcohol?

    Well the peak at 3060 seems too high to be an alkane C-H so I'm thinking there's possibly an aromatic ring? Also I am wondering if the peak at 1,295 could be a nitro group since they are usually anywhere from 1290 - 1360? That may also explain the positive flame test/ unsaturation. I am quite inexperienced with nitro groups in organic compounds so is it reasonable to think that it could also be responsible for the smell and yellow color of the solution as well? Am I misreading it entirely and the peak at 3400 is actually an amine? Also, the peak at 1592 is too low to be a carbonyl right?
  2. 2-methyl-1,3,5-trinitroben

    A yellow alcohol?

    I need help identifying an unknown in my Organic Chemistry Lab class. I've literally spent 3 hours + on doing research and I'm really stuck... A list of properties: Physical State: liquid Color: golden yellowish / amber Odor: Pungent & Unpleasant; smells almost like ladybugs. pH: 6 => too acidic to be an amine.. right? Boiling Point: ~128 - 129 degrees C Solubility in H20: Soluble Aromatic Flame Test: Black Soot smoke => indicative of a unsaturated compound Beilstein Test for Halides: Negative => no halogens present Ferric Chloride Test for Phenols: Negative Bromine-water test for Phenols: Negative => no phenols present Also is a copy of the IR spectrum: The peak at ~3400 cm-1 seems to hint at an alcohol but I don't know of any yellow, liquid alcohols. Also some aromatic peaks are present. I'm wondering if there isn't an amine present somewhere (hence the putrid smell) but the peak at ~3400 cm-1 seems to be too broad to not be an alcohol in my mind.. Any help/ guidance is greatly appreciated.