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  1. look here even with a speed of 10km / s the object is stopped. https://youtu.be/4ZFAkBMtcPo if the asteroid is stopped and send to the pole at 10km / h the misfortune of dinosaur would be our happiness.
  2. Hi,is there a technique to slow down an asteroid with the help of other asteriodes or the gravity of jupiter?an asteriode with a speed of 10km / h to the pole would it be a risk for the earth?
  3. players who are too lucky in the game of luck.can be their neuron network of luck is well developed.
  4. How does referring to an AI change anything in relation to a measuring instrument in general? Another application of the 'principle' that 'if A is difficult to understand and if B is difficult to understand, then there must be a relation to be found between A and B? Science in "particle accelerator mode": by hitting very hard random ideas randomly, it will come out something interesting?
  5. Hello everyone,If my quantum number is 0 or 1 at the moment of measurement.Would an AI be able to know if it's 1 or 0 before the measurement?If yes the instantaneous transmission would be possible.A human brain can predict the 0 or the 1 before the measurement if it is too lucky.I do not see why a network of neurons would not be able to imitate a human brain that is too lucky.In any case, know that luck comes from the brain of a network of neurons.
  6. this experiment just shows that it takes a huge mass to stabilize the fusion and it will not be enough because it takes a solar energy to stabilize the reaction
  7. in its experiments the plasma stabilizer is estimated at 35000 ton is it is not on to stabilize the fusion because it needs a level of solar energy to stabilize. therefore it is impossible to stabilize the fusion in the long term its having a level of solar energy. if the stabilization of the fusion is impossible without a level of solar energy then it is useless to invest on ca billion.
  8. will I receive a price for this demonstration that the stabilization of the fusion is impossible on earth will avoid losing billions of money for nothing.
  9. his experiments to stabilize the fusion are made in the infinitely big. it is necessary to respect the condition of infinitely great to have a solar energy to stabilize it. look here the latest news of the fusion a plasma stabilizer of 27000 ton and it is not on to function because it takes a solar mass to stabilize it in the infinitely large. https://www.developpez.com/actu/240750/Des-scientifiques-decouvrent-un-procede-qui-stabilise-les-plasmas-de-fusion-dans-les-tokamaks-la-perspective-d-une-nouvelle-source-d-energie-propre/
  10. Hello everyone, Can technically do this reaction with a good performance and a very high level of security? Because there is more news on the merger. There is a limit of mass or energy to have to stabilize the reaction of fusion it is for that the small sun does not exist. the equations of infinity small to make the fusion will all lead to inculcating more mass to their calculation to be able to cross the condition of infinitely great to have an energy of a sun to allow the fusion to stabilize itself. because our experience to have a stable fusion is made in the infinitely large so we must also respect the condition of having a solar mass energy to stabilize the fusion. LINK DELETED
  11. Z10

    we are points

    No, I just share my imagination with present and future humans.
  12. Z10

    we are points

    I am a simple point who thinks I am the end point. A multiple point (thought) and at the same time alone. I can be in a complex (spirit) or simple (reality) plan. When I see my multiple points away from me. I remind them that we are one point. Every point away from me does the same thing as me. And every point close to me dreams with me. All points are reminiscent of the points. And there are certain points that follow imaginary paths. To remind you at the end point that he is not alone. It is thanks to that that the universe moves. and who are you?
  13. I am sorry . I do not know how to speak english well to explain the meaning
  14. I do not know. maybe our imaginary circle is the circle that can be transformed into a square. this circle does not exist then maybe it is an imaginary circle.
  15. can not find a real with i2 = -1 so we invented i. and their use has reduced the complexity of the problems. so if it defines an imaginary circle that connects the points by a null distance it can help us to solve complex problems.
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