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  1. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    I see what you mean. What I should do, I suppose, is work on a different scale. Perhaps I should focus on indivudal countries instead of the entire planet, that way each solution will be more precise and effective then a premise that merely says "Do what is right." Thank you for that, I appreciate it
  2. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    Knowing how you could have prevented an undesirable situation after it's happened and changing how you act to prevent that situation from happening again is part of how we grow as people. For example, I wrote this paper, and I learned that I am fundamentally vague and unclear with how I communicate my ideas to other people, so I will try to change how I communicate so people can understand me clearly.
  3. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    So then forgiveness isn't something you need to do to become a biologically healthy person at the moment. Some people experience chronic health problems due to their unwillingness to forgive (including my family) and my example was more directed at them then somebody who doesn't have much of a problem with forgiving someone.
  4. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    I'd like to add to that by saying my point isn't precisely about forgiveness whatsoever. My point (as stated in my initial paper) is to act off of a premise that provides well-being to you as an individual, and I happened to cite forgiveness as a possible example that may bring that into being should you need to do so in the first place.
  5. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    It's possible to think of anything in a detached, non-judgmental sort of manner without getting emotionally evolved. The problem occurs when a thought keeps provoking negative emotions in the body (such as anger for example) that are known to release chemicals that are known to be harmful to your body in the long-term.
  6. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    Yes. Not only is it possible to forgive someone after they throw acid in your face (some of my friends and I have forgiven people who have done worse then that) but it is also critical for your own biological and psychological health.
  7. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    Yes, if that's something you know you should do. If you don't have children then you wouldn't need to spend time with them. It's not necessary to spend every second with your children (usually). If I was unable to spend time with them every day then every second I spend at home would be with my family. The principle I have introduced in this paper is universal, but it would only work if the leaders of their respective sector of the world (from countries to palm oil corporations) saw its information and applied it to their everyday life. Also, everything I mentioned in that paragraph are examples. Everybody has different things they need to do (or not do). From what this article says, the decline of fertility rates can be pinned down to three (main) reasons: "Fewer deaths in childhood meaning women have fewer babies Greater access to contraception More women in education and work" Some of these countries are holding a stable population because of migration. However, it seems as if women's priorities (at least according to the above reasons) are not necessarily geared towards having children. Spreading information about the dangers of low fertility rates, providing healthcare in the underdeveloped countries, and migration from overpopulated countries to underpopulated countries would help solve the problem. Looking back at this conversation, I realized I was wrong about the initial answer I gave. I apologize. I wasn't aware of the information in the first paragraph, thank you for sharing that.
  8. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    "What stops them reaching the plants" isn't a valid question because it doesn't make sense. I suppose you mean to say, "What stops the insects from eating the crops" or "What stops the pheromones' exposure to the crops" but I can't tell because it's a vague question with poor grammar. Also, if you're going to be rude you can stop replying to my thread. I've been extremely patient with your snarky comments even after you seem to have missed the entire point of my paper, but I don't appreciate some guy on a forum trying to downgrade me simply because I didn't answer a question. Please keep it civil.
  9. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    To quote this article, "Pheromone-binding proteins (PBP) pick up pheromones at pores in the outside of the antenna and carry them through a watery layer to the nerve endings, where they are released." I am well aware that pesticide extraction is in it's infancy, I am simply pointing out that it is possible as a counter to your claim that it is impossible. We aren't able to do worldwide scales of extraction, but at least we're somewhere instead of nowhere.
  10. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    I tend to be extreme because I'm trying to communicate the severity of the situation, I suppose. And yes, "the well-being of the planet" would translate into "the well-being of the environments inhabited by all life," because humans can only act in the environment in which they live. But human well-being is important as well, and striving towards that will circle back into keeping our environment healthy. Well... Yeah. Only having a mindset won't do too much. But both need to be combined, or else I could say things like, "Fixing overpopulation is easy, just put a limit on each country and if the population is higher than what the limit states then deport them to another country... Or whatever you have to do."
  11. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    For some reason I'm not allowed to edit the post anymore, which isn't too great because I want to change one paragraph in particular what was entirely miscommunicated. My proposition is extremely overreaching. It requires the majority of the earth's population (especially those who are in charge of their sector of the world) to act with the premise that the well-being of the planet and the human being is first and foremost above everything else. This probably won't happen, but it needs to if we want future generations to live here because changes like the ones mentioned on this thread take a lot of time and a lot of resources to fully implement.
  12. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    Of course I have. I know many people (including my own family) who are too poor to afford truly healthy food. In many of these cases (as with some of my friends) there are small budgeting changes that could be made if they wanted a healthy diet but they simply don't care about it. On the other hand, there are far too many people who want to eat healthily but simply can't afford to. This can potentially be fixed by what I'm about to suggest below. As of 2014 there are 570 million farms on the planet. 90% of them are family-owned, and family-owned farms produce 80% of the world's crops. However, 1.1 billion pounds of pesticides are used every year to maintain these levels of production. This can change by implementing Sensei's idea, which is: It is already being done, and if the crops are tended to properly then there is no need for pesticides or pheromones whatsoever. Also, there is enough open land to build such skyscrapers without needing to use what the farmers are already growing on. Biopesticides are already being used, and they're currently being used more and more in conventional farming as well as organic farming. Sources: You can remove pesticides from the earth. It's been done. The pheromones don't make it onto the plants themselves. They're used in "pheromone traps" that are placed in or above the crop. If the pheromones were to reach the crop then it would be poisonous to humans if ingested, which I failed to communicate in my original statement. This paper focuses on solutions for certain issues that threaten the long-term survival of our species. Immediate matters of life and death is a different beast, because 50 years of eating the right food and getting the right amount of exercise won't save your life if you become critically injured and need special attention. We wouldn't need so many of these drugs if we took care of our bodies before turning 50. Sure, there are always people who get sick/hurt and have no fault in the matter, but I know plenty of people in their 50s-80s who are in no pain whatsoever because they cared about themselves when they were younger and made it a habit to eat healthy food, get plenty of exercise, maintain proper posture, build and maintain a healthy immune system, etc. Prevention is the best cure. Etc...
  13. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    Well, not exactly. There are ways for everyone to eat healthy food for the rest of their lives such as growing in their backyards and buying food from farms that use pheromones or perform crop rotations instead of using pesticides. If all of us started to avoid pesticides then the farms who use them will be forced to think of an alternative method because they will not have any sales. The idea is to create an alternative that is, actually, healthy for the planet and the human body while still being 100% effective at the same time.
  14. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    It's not impossible. It requires a dramatic change in lifestyle, and it will be a change that takes many years to fully implement, but if everybody in charge of the world acted from the premise I've mentioned above then there would definately be a chance for our survival (healthy survival no less).
  15. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    Overpopulation isn't an easy beast to slay. Everybody would need to be conscious of the fact that it's happening and take action against it, but I only see a small minority doing so. However, agricultural skyscrapers combined with GMO is a good idea to fix this problem only if we stop having so many children. Another idea is to have each (abled) adult grow enough food for themself and one other throughout their life. If everybody (or even almost everybody) did this we could feed the mouths that are already here while focusing on having less children at the same time. Thank you for pointing that out. It won't let me edit the post anymore but I changed it in my notes to fix this oversight: This would also mean eating genuinely healthy food (food without pesticides, hormones, or anything that would cause harm to the human body), emitting no polution into the air, using less of our natural resources (let alone misuse them), etc. Anything we do as a species that affects us in unnatural and unhealthy ways must be redirected in the other direction. This can work by fully converting to solar power, wind energy, geothermal energy, and hydro-power, and fully stepping away from fossil fuels and overuse of natural resources.