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  1. ( I have posted this in the biology section recently, but think this is a better section for it.) I've done a lot of research and there is no all in cure for it. Here are things that may have to do with it. Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system pelvic floor muscles anxiety kegels/reverse kegels I've been to those forums where people have this problem and try to resolve it, I thought maybe if I want into a more science educated forum, I'd find better answers if someone looked deep into what may be the problem. -If it was anxiety/stress or the nervous system then alcohol should completely get rid of it during "Drunkness" but it doesn't it only helps by a minute or two. -if it was the pelvic floor, maybe I haven't done enough exercises -if it was anxiety then ive reduced it tremendously and only delayed it by a minute -reverse kegels / kegels, i can't even pin point the spot. Someone make a device to see what happens to do the body, when sex begins for premature ejaculators.
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