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  1. Thanks, sounds like it is not so worth it, feedback appreciated.
  2. Short: If I put a small plant specifically chosen for air purification in my room, could it help with the air quality significantly? Long: I keep my room door shut to keep house animals out of it, and it gets musty/stale smelling. Opening the window would waste AC/heat. Also, I like the idea of sleeping in a room with "cleaner" air. Cleaner as in more oxygen and/or less contaminants. I envision (and I'm open to changing all of it) a small box with moss (I'm told it has the most leaf mass and therefore cleaning ability), an appropriate grow light, and maybe a slow fan to keep the air circulating over the moss. I've sen some ready solutions on amazon for this. I don't care about visual aesthetics. I guess I'm asking if this is worth doing, if maybe it can remove the mustiness at all and if it can help the air quality? I've heard that this is a great idea from some, and that its a complete waste of time from others.
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