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  1. The answer is simple, it doesn't end. Everyone has their theories but no one theory is correct. Technically, space is measured in lightyears, or atleast space-travel speed measurements, correct? which means they have different rules (to use the term blatantly), so there must be different measurements, in space, I believe it is infinite, but no one has ever reached a defined ending of space, people are still discovering new stars, planets, etc.. Maybe one day we will find out the answer, maybe not, who knows.
  2. Cancer is a sticky subject really, I know 2 people close to me died of it, and one person that is close to me may be suffering from the <....>'ing vaccine. It is mainly a duplication of malicious cells, yes, you're right, but it can't be completely treated, no offence to anyone but take jade goody as an example, she fought it as much as she couuld using kimotherapy and radiotherapy. It didn't work and she sadly passed away eventually, but once you have it, you're stuck with it, unfortunately. I'm not really sure how it works and I'm not sure if it is on the rise but it's definately something that will spark an interesting subject on here. I'll do some studying on it and get back to you. [Edit]: I found a bit of information the wikipedia. "Cancer may affect people at all ages, even fetuses, but the risk for most varieties increases with age. Cancer causes about 13% of all human deaths. According to the American Cancer Society, 7.6 million people died from cancer in the world during 2007. Cancers can affect all animals." - it looks to be on the rise a hell of a lot, 7.6 million is alot of people. I'm not sure about the death toll here in England but alot of people I know have been touched by the horrible disease, and unfortunately, passed away. [R.I.P Chris..] It can also cause genetic abnormalities in two types of genes, also.
  3. Thanks, I'm feeling a tiny bit reassured but it could of been the vac she had the day before as I get a slight feeling a tetanus impoloi vaccination and a cervarix inoculation could react together? I don't know what it'll do but she's already complaining of aching and itching on her arms, etc. I'll let you know if I get any more problems on it but I'm gonna do a small sum-up of the whole cervarix thing and see what I can find out. I've never really been sure about some of these vacs because they have alot of nasty stuff in them that you shouldn't have in your body in the first place. I haven't had a vaccine in 7 years and I've been ill 3 times, once with swine flu [Yes, I was diagnosed with it also..], once with tetanus from a wild dog bite which I got fixed up afterwards and Phamosis. All of which I recovered from fairly quick except swine flu which took me 2 weeks to recover from if not a bit longer. Thanks for all the help on every topic I've posted much appreciated. - Alex.
  4. Hi, I read up about the cancer jab a few days ago and that it was now a mass program in schools vaccinating people to prevent the cervical cancer types 16 and 18 supposidly causing 70% of cancer cases. Today I read an article and it claims that a 14 y/o girl fell ill and died later on in a University Hospital. Someone very close to me that I love has just been inoculated with the HPV cervical cancer jab and she's feeling a little off colour. I don't know whats in the vaccine and can't find any information on it. What's your take on the situation?
  5. Hi Gutz, I just read your post and my input on this is, I don't know why you want to imply the use of scienceforums because someone is weight lifting more than you but all I can say is that if he's going to be taking nano vapour etc when he stops weight lifting then he's going to be in trouble because it will turn into fat and he'll have a fair bit of trouble lifting it then but I weightlift a little bit myself twice a week when I get time to do it, and I advise using higher reps on less weight like 10 pounds of weight does it just fine, if you're looking to build your muscles do higher weight like 20-30 lbs with lower reps. Usually you can do muscle toning on lower weight and higher reps but the more reps you do the more exhausted you're going to become. A protein shake will work just fine but be sure to get up and get plenty to drink every 10-15 minutes to keep you going. If you follow this then you'll be able to become stronger than him but it's not about how bigger build you are or how much muscle you've got it's about your core strength not your visual strength. It's like times when an 11 year old can pack more punch than an 18 year old (not often, but has happened a few times). Do not bother with all these whey protein stickup adverts either because at one time someone at around 13-14 years old died from taking it and ofcourse noone wants syringe marks on their ass just for a bit of muscle. If you do not work out regularly your muscles will turn to fat and also running or cycling on the treadmil for about a mile or atleast 10 minutes will help you keep your stamina levels up. Don't become demoralised by your brother and his bragging because if he's always going on about it, when he comes to having to re-do his muscles and you've got yours before him he's nackered. I don't know about this nano vapour stuff but I can re-assure you it's not going to do him any good in the long run. I hope this has helped you in your search for a better build and good luck. Regards, Alex.
  6. Well, the title is pretty self explanitory, but we all know where parents tell you to eat your carrots because they'll help you see in the dark. Is it really true? To some of you this'll seem like a dumb question but I'm just wondering because of the health effects of carrots (positive) and wether the effects have any relation to seeing in the dark. Any ideas?
  7. I do not have the book myself, but I suppose you could google some of the maths, or just use a calculator. For the english, if it is that in which you find hard may I suggest you use an Oxford dictionary?
  8. I know what you mean about the signals that come out from the signals, etc. These reports are f**kheads giving bogus information to extend the length of their articles thus getting a higher pay. -.- Perhaps it was a terrorist attack, who knows.
  9. My opinion on it: In my opinion it is a genetically engineered virus released from a lab somewhere. My info on it: I believe that if you caught it your immune system wouldn't be able to handle it, check the news about death tolls from Swine flu, etc. and you'll see what I mean about it. Research it by all means, put it under a microscope, whatever. You could always try swabbing it into a plant's genomes (or whatever it is) and try out the effects of it on a plant, maybe their immune systems have a system for fighting it off.. If you have any luck on finding this info let us all know here at SFN. It may be hard to get hold of a swine flu injection/sample due to national security, so on so forth. Regards, Alex
  10. Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IgA Blood test info: http://kidshealth.org/parent/system/medical/test_iga.html Lab test info: http://www.lymphomation.org/tests-immunoglobulins.htm Google: http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=Immunoglobulin+A&btnG=Search&meta= Please use google/search function before posting asking this.
  11. To phernandez: I've noticed a website from a quick google a diagram and some other info. I haven't read it all myself but I believe it may be useful. P/S The Diagram for the CRT is around the bottom of the page. Link: Cathode Ray Tube Project & Diagram Alex.
  12. Well in that case why don't you just use vinegar or lemon juice? Still seperates the particles...
  13. Actually, I believe it is really called the "Large Hadron Collider" that creates the black holes yes?
  14. To Syntho-sis I've just done quick google on the Red Triangle and it looks to me like it is just a Great White Shark mating/feeding location due to temperatures, etc. and that it causes lots of deaths because as someone else said in this topic the Great Whites take meter-wide bites out of anything moving. I can't confirm anything on the sound waves but I will get back to you on the subject. Alex I have just come to the conclusion they may have vanished off the radar due to crashing into the ocean or flying low to it during an engine failure (or something of the same manner) like it says on the news about them falling off the radar map. The weather may have caused it, but I am not sure what may have caused an engine failure. Something could've got the system clogged or one of the pilots could've been on the dole. Either way it shouldn't have happened. On the conspiracy theory stuff: You could have a look at the Obama Deception video on my favourites at youtube (youtube.com/MCSpidah) and it is about how they think he's from the New World Order and some of it is pretty convincing. >.< I managed to locate Area 51 in the desert in Nevada, USA but I had no luck getting a full zoom because google caught me at it I think (Or not even they had permission to map it).. They could be experimenting and trying to create even more of these Red Triangles/Bermuda Triangles for government reasons so they can use a crazy machine they say they don't have (Pff, yeah, right. -.-) and they can just drop it on a country's capital and things die. Or they could be experimenting in private with Black Holes. I always considered them teleports but they haven't driven anything through them to see where it comes out. Why don't they put in a small bug and track it through the black hole. Maybe they'll discover a new universe or something. Thanks for the interesting arguments on these subjects of matter.
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