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    Why light speed?

    Yeah, you got me. My question is why light speed or fastest speed that anything can travel is that limited rate. The answer that will satisfy me is the same like the explanation of 'pi' value that we (human) can explain.
  2. First, English is not my first language so, sorry if I use any wrong grammars or words. I am not sure that my question belong here or not because it is my little wonder. I am not 'Physics' people. I am only interest in some basic knowledges from theory. I have read books about our universe like 'A Brief History Of Time' by Hawking and a few others of its kind. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They say 'Space and time are relativity' 'Nothing can travel faster than light' 'Light speed is approximately 300,000 km per second' (actually 299,792 km per second). I understand them all (I mean the basic concepts). But all of them do not say that 'Why'. I mean 'Why this speed is the limit' 'Why the speed limit has to be the exactly this rate' 'Why the light speed is not 200,000 km per second or 400,000 km per second' 'Light is limited speed by itself or space limit its speed' (I mean like 'A car engine can go only 100 km per hour or traffic law allow cars to be driven only 100km per hour) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks in advance for the answer and also sorry if my questions are not belong here.
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