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  1. Haha yeah that is pretty unfeasible. Well testing it will be easy enough. Thanks for your help and input on this. I wasn't sure the scope of what would be needed to do such a problem.
  2. So there is no type of process like a ternary diagram that can be used for a biphasic system that is more than 3 constituents?
  3. ambient temp. And those numbers relate to volume.... 4.8L : 0.2L etc etc
  4. I'm hoping for some help in figuring out this problem as it is a bit beyond my scope as a Microbiologist. I'm working with solvent systems and have a system that is 4.8 : 0.2 : 4 : 1 (Heptane. Ethyl Acetate: Ethanol : H20) I'm trying to figure out the percentage mass of each constituent within the solvent systems lower phase..... so it would constitute mainly the Ethyl Acetate/Ethanol/H20 Any help/ guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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