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  1. Can you please share the document or link to related documents of this experiment? Thank you. I am not a medical professional, the only knowledge I have about biology is from high school and internet searching. I have some thought on it, it could just be a stupid idea, but I'll really appreciate your insight on it. As you stated, the testosterone level in embryo affects the sexuality of an offspring. Can this experiment be done? First, the testosterone level of a heterosexual embryo is noted (Just for calibration of testosterone level). Later in an embryo of a homosexual male gene (which is created using an assisted reproductive technique) testosterone level is measured and it is adjusted to the calibrated level. Will this increase the possibility to have heterosexual offspring? If you think I should educate myself on some topics before coming to this question, please suggest.
  2. A normal guy feels happy to see a woman's curve, whereas gay won't feel the same happiness when he looks at her. Similarly, someone may find riverside beautiful, another one may not. My question is, can we modify human DNA and make an offspring who will have a different set of responses?
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