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  1. Thanks, I think I messed up when just asking for help I should have stated much more. Yes this is pseuducode, I don't really think the main point of this question, which is from the most basic computer science course is to go fully in depth. It's more of use what's given and do this, which is create the code in the "machine language" given to us. I'm sure if we actually had to do this it would be more complicated not all things would match in this example vs a real working one, which is why the course is not intended to be practical real world use. Sorry for all the confusion I'll clearly state the stuff at the beginning next time. The course is more so just to learn some basics and set down a starting point. I personally think putting another JUMP command along with the other JUMP command would have been better and let that JUMP go to HALT, instead I just inserted HALT in but we'll see. I'll get back to this post if I remember to about what I get. Thanks for all the input and help, Sensei, fiveworlds, strange and studiot.
  2. Like to end the sequence if the condition isn't met? or is that not needed
  3. I need some help with part b thanks EDIT HERE IS WHAT I HAVE AND MACHINE CODE
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