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    The Magic of Magic Squares !

    I would like to know if there is anyone able to help me with a project related to magic cube and magic squares, I have learned from a sort of inborn knowledge, like animals and other forms of lives can still do, so I experimented with my paranormal perceptions running in my family to explore some ancient knowledge I perceive very familiar, like the philosopher stone 27x27 I did not even know it existed, and when I saw it for the first time, it was like finding an old forgotten friend and I could read it, understand it, even the different methods to develop it, just like when you see a movie you do not remember the title, the actors, the story, but you know you have seen was the perceptions I had with some old knowledge I experimented with and I felt alive, talking to me, interacting with me ...I had to stop because those magic squares were so powerful and took all my energy with them, teaching me lots of strange things coming from inside...people are stealing my discoveries, and I do not know who I can trust..I could perceive some graphic images of a mayan saturnaian grill inside the magic square of the sun, no one ever noticed, but I could emphasize it with particular methods and it was identical to the symbol that was used to represent the magic square of the sun, and I happened the same with other magic squares, those geometric grills could overlap perfectly to their symbols I could find in some ancient books representing the property of those magic squares..I do not understand what all this means, no one can help me and I left those magic squares business. almost a year ago, and now it is very difficult to continue my impossible task I was learning from inside, developing easy systems to create magic cube with geometry and not counting, because I am retarded with math, but I have other perceptions I can use...I would be glad if someone could give me some suggestions/advice etc..Did anyone ever had similar experiences to mine? Did anyone ever felt alive those magic squares and what messages did they receive???Those messages are geometric/numeric language connected with sacred geometry and astronomy I do not know but I know/feel/perceive to be vital part of them...