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  1. Thank you very much for your feedback! As for the program I am creating, there are several major parts, including a narrative that extends throughout the whole year that incorporates important ideas about the environment and ethics. I'm hoping that since I have an entire year with them, I can introduce them to the broad ideas I have listed AND more focused ideas like the idea you mentioned of loss of potable water. I'm hoping to show them how they are interconnected and all of these issues are related and are vital to our survival here on this planet. I actually did not think of it from this perspective. It is true, overtime, it will be life on Earth that suffers from this the most. I should have worded it differently in my OP. Although the Earth isn't necessarily "doomed", do you not think the Earth is still being harmed with deforestation and the pollution of the air that surrounds Earth's atmosphere? The Venn Diagram idea sounds wonderful as a comprehensive overview after covering multiple topics. I will integrate this within my classroom as well. Although the kids I plan to work with are 9-10 years old, I'm wanting them to see the complexities of each of these problems as I scaffold the ideas through narrative and from a more understandable perspective for the kids. The reason being, I want them to understand the severity of these issues and instill it within them while they are young and hope that they care more about these issues into adulthood. Another great topic I will look into and add to the list! Thank you! And another great topic! I will also look into this and add it to the list! Thank you! This is a HUGE help! I can very well integrate this within the narrative and based on the article, it is incredibly frightening and eye-opening at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing this!
  2. This statement and the information provided in your response is already incredibly useful. As I am not a climatologist or do not specialize in the environmental sciences, I highly value your opinion on where the the priorities lie for the benefit of our environment. I completely agree with you in the sense that many of these issues I listed above are interconnected and some correlate with others. The data you have provided has given me great perspective into the issue and will be referenced within the program. Thanks for your response!
  3. Hello everyone, As a 28 year old elementary school teacher, I am currently in the works of an extensive school program that educates children not only in academics, but in global environmental issues and moral values as well. As it stands, if all information proves to be true, I believe that our planet is on a path to certain doom if certain environmental issues are not addressed and seriously handled. In hopes that we are not doomed by then, I plan on helping educate the younger generation of serious environmental issues that surrounds our planet in hopes that the next generation of human beings can help find a way to save our planet. I have done research from various articles found across the web, but am interested in any other resources or issues that need to be addressed. Here is a list of some of the issues I am including: Air Pollution Water Pollution Plastic Waste Garbage and Waste Disposal Overpopulation Natural Resource Depletion Global Warming Deforestation If you have any other ideas or topics that you think the students should know about, please feel free to post your thoughts. If you have any other resources about the severity of the issue, please post them here. I greatly appreciate and value the feedback from the members of the environmental science community and want to make sure that I am doing the students justice. Thank you!
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