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  1. I saw a video from the Myth Busters team. They placed a plant within a small room they built with plywood and hooked it up to an external polygraph machine. They then ran various runs where they would think of hurting the plant. The polygraph spiked each time anger was projected at the plant. They debunked the myth but provided no reasonable explanation as to what was causing the polygraph to spike at the exact moment anger was projected at it. Could this be proof life can sense energy from other life? How would you go about confirming energy from emotions can reach that far outside the body?
  2. The only way to do that in it's present state is to create an organization like the European union and have nations join it. It would still fall apart in the end as we can see will likely happen from the troubles Europe is facing at the moment. The problem is when you centralize that much power it attracts jerks who want to tell the entire world what to do. It could end very badly if said union has a military. The balance of power would tip in their favor with a military and the leadership may become tyrannical and dangerous. Centralized power is overall not a good thing.
  3. Well let's say you think of God as some sort of physical being that exists somewhere in the universe or perhaps in some kind of unperceived dimension of space. Let's say we find no evidence of this being within the universe (and it would take us a hell of a long time to explore it all). Then (assuming string theory is correct) we begin to explore other dimensions of space somehow. Let's say we don't find the being. The religious people will still say we haven't explored everywhere yet or concoct some reason to believe God is out there somewhere. Science cannot contend with the simplicity of fa
  4. This is a terrible idea I've decided. I'll reformulate this idea and come up with something better. It's just terrible optics if I have to say "you're poor because you're dumb". I doubt I can secure the funding required to do anything meaningful with a motto like that.
  5. Ok, I'm back. I'll try to find more supporting evidence. http://www1.udel.edu/educ/gottfredson/reprints/health.pdf I'm not the only one to speculate inequalities in Intelligence could account for social inequalities. General intelligence as measured in this paper points towards overall better outcomes for people with higher measured intelligence. These outcomes include health, wealth and overall happiness. Let's focus on a broader idea of intelligence though as this would more accurately predict outcomes. Intelligence or g is a measure of human capital and therefore potential ec
  6. There appears to be a correlation but not for the reason I thought. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3950280/ It also appears I was fed false information at one point about how strongly they were correlated there is some correlation but not a strong correlation. The study may show that people with high IQs go for maximal happiness which doesn't entirely rest on money. I also found some research done into each states academic performance and wealth. https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/67ad/691a925532dc7c3d3fcd521b404d16681ba5.pdf That's my 5 posts. I'll be
  7. What goalpost did I move? You asked a question. If IQ and wealth correlates then country wealth and IQ correlates. It's not rocket science. I must admit though IQ is not the only factor in an economy. Things like resources matter too. I would expect a strong correlation though given that wealth and IQ correlates. Here's a book that deals with the subject. The theory has been explored to some extent. Not well mind you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IQ_and_Global_Inequality You might find it somewhere.
  8. What are you talking about? Go look at the studies for correlation between wealth and IQ. They're not hard to find. It's pretty well established people with lower IQ generally earn less. It's certainly a factor but official government numbers say genetics is 50% of IQ. https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/primer/traits/intelligence I've seen one expert claim IQ is as high as 80% genetic by the time you're 18. This number is less reliable though. Nutrition and education is only half the battle.
  9. It seems it's a general public thing. The scientific community has no problem discussing things. What we have here is what I like to call an "entanglement of correlation" does the low IQ lead to the poor countries or do the poor countries lead to the low IQ? I don't believe we've been able to determine the precise answer. They may very well both be true to some extent.
  10. I recently decided I was going to start a non-profit organization focused on using genetic engineering to solve world problems. I believe I started on out the wrong foot though as they say. No one wants to discuss the link between genetics and IQ. Should I push through this taboo subject or leave it be and pursue other kinds of genetic philanthropy like modified food crops? Some part of me says I should confront this rather than shy away from it. On the other hand no one seems to be interested in having a discussion anyway and it could damage the image of the non-profit. Would it be ethical at
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