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  1. I'm sure everyone has heard all about these 2012 end of the world predictions, what i really want to know is, is any of it scientifically true??? take out any religious beliefs, i want to hear a real scientific answer with no bend or twist of any sort of propaganda. Are the planets really going to align? is planet X really going to come and disrupt our planet? Are all these "religious related crop circles" actually real?.... ETC!?!? Is all of this being blown WAY out of proportion or do we all really have something to worry about, and if we do, what can be done if anything??? All of this has really been frightening me, i am no astronomer or any sort of scientist with a degree, credibility, or money, i am just a kid looking for an honest and truthful answer. I know we humans may be destroying our selves and our home planet with pollution, resource wasting, climate change, and a very possible nuclear war, but is there something coming soon that we cannot change??? Should i honestly spend the next less then three years of my life saying good lucks and goodbyes to the world around me? or should i unworryingly walk on and prepare for the mundane career and family life? I apologize if this may seem like a stupid question from some dumb kid but i want to be informed. Should i just quit watching the History channel and youtube, or soak in what they have to say because it is all real and as terrifying as they say. PLEASE RESPOND and THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ANYONE WHO DOES
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