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  1. Your analogy is wrong, since male great danes are taller and heavier than hyenas. Female hyenas (which are bigger than males) only average 58 kg, and no hyena has ever been found weighing over 90 kg: https://books.google.es/books?id=2TFOi5OwhD0C&pg=PA439&dq=hyenas+average+weight&hl=es&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjP4MG6rNXdAhWjxoUKHZuxBU8Q6AEILzAB#v=onepage&q=hyenas average weight&f=false On the other hand, male great danes average 65 kg, with the biggest male ever recorded weighing 111 kg: https://books.google.es/books?id=RSxHDwAAQBAJ&pg=PT20&dq=great+danes+average+weight+male&hl=es&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj8r9_Lr9XdAhWkyYUKHRiVAqUQ6AEIMjAB#v=onepage&q=great danes average weight male&f=false Two might be not enough in real life, but three big 80 kg Great Danes could definetely make run away a tiger. Lionesses are considerably smaller than male lions, yet only two lionesses are enough to they make a lion run away. So three 80 kg Great Danes definetely can scare away a tiger.
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