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  1. So what you're saying is light can't slow down
  2. Okay, so I was thinking, If it is impossible for matter too travel at the speed of light, light particles easily travel at the speed of light, so instead of trying and failing over and over to make a fast enough vehicle to nearly hit the speed of light, could it be possible to transform matter into light so you can just get rid of the issue of resistance. I have no idea how a person would do this but I read about how students figured out how to turn light into mass and I was wondering if this could be done in reverse. I know about the term for this being Annihilation, but if their was a more controlled way to do this, we could transform objects into light temporarily. (Again, this is theoretical and I have no idea how this would be accomplished)
  3. I was talking about storing light in a crystal in order to pause consciousness. This would be similar to cryogenic sleep
  4. if you could possibly control the process of transforming matter into light, this could revolutionize travel by temporarily transforming the particles of a human into light, placing them into a crystal and moving the crystal with a craft that technology has been able to move at a much faster speed than what todays technology's capable of. Of course this method of travel would require centuries to invent. The likely hood of us creating this technology before the human race goes extinct would also depend upon being able to transform light back into matter. We would also have to perfect storing light in a crystal or other object. The technology of today limit us, but hundreds of years down the road, we may be able to perfect these methods.
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