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  1. Yes, that’s what I was referring to, I’ve had some unique and innovative views of many things and plan to work at a university. Or perhaps if I can get funding from that university I can get a group to help me conduct that research once I have an accurate theory formed. Thanks everyone for the feedback your input was very helpful.
  2. Yes very interesting, but I will have a lot of time to figure out things like this when I have my own Ph.d
  3. Yes thank you, but I was curious about what the specific maths might be because I've found a wonderful website where I can take classes and get credits( to help tale time off of my bachelor in science), but do you know what the specific maths I need are? And just to be clear we Y'all say maths, do you mean types of mathematics, or stuff like algebra, calculus algebraic topology etc. When* take*
  4. Btw, what maths are u talking about just in case I haven't taken any of them.
  5. Thank you for the feedback, and I agree that some of the book is a bit off. Do u know of a book that can at least hone my knowledge of quantum field theory?
  6. Hi, I heard that the brains maximum capacity is equivalent to 4 terabytes of storage. But if this is true, then how can someone have an eidetic memory, I read somewhere that someone thought memory was stored in the 0. Field(as the result of an experiment where then taught a rat a trick, put its brain in a blender, put it back, and it still remembered the trick), could it be because of that, because if so that seems very practical bc an average brain can of course store only the 4 terabytes.
  7. Thanks for the feedback endy, and the book is called, ”The field” by Lynne Mctaggart, the info used is a hot outdated though I must agree, it was my main inspiration to be a physicist, and as you can see this isn't my ideal strong suit. But, considering what endy said, could it work? I’m trying to think of things of the sort on my free time, bc I just started high school and wanted the opinions of people in the work environment. Because I looked for websites about publishing theories and they seem to be a lot of work.
  8. Yes, I talked about it with my biology teacher, the idea hit me when we talked about stem cells. And yes, I would have the date and such, so here goes. The basic idea is that you would take the person you wanted to clone in one capsule(human-sized), get a piece of their liver to put in the second capsule. Now there is a book I read about quantum field theory that states, ”when a lifeform is growing it projects light that shows what it's true form will look like”. Then all you need to do is take stem cells, give them the DNA from the person's liver and use the light as a blueprint so that it will grow an entirely new human clone. Any thoughts, or corrections? Also, my name is Dillon.
  9. Yes, of course, I've already completed trig with right angles online on a website called Kahn Academy, so I suppose I could do the entire thing, thanks.
  10. Hi, I know people are trying to perfect human cloning, but I had an idea of how we might and was wondering if I could get someone to tell me if I'm right or wrong without getting my work stolen(assuming it is accurate).
  11. Thank you guys so much this was very helpful, and yes I agree it is awesome. I think I have a much better view of my future now :D. Yeah, I just had my parents look over it, I’m at a private school, so I don’t have as good of learning opportunities as normal schools, but I think we've worked it out. My school has Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Pre-Cal, but it doesn't have any physics classes, but I’m going to take them online.
  12. Hi, I want to go to college to be a theoretical particle physicist, and I was wondering what degree(s) I would need for that. I looked around and was unaware about if I were to get a degree in particle physics and choose to be a theoretical one, or do I get a degree in theoretical physics and just assume that I research in particle physics(assuming all of these degrees exist). I’m only 14, but I wanted to go into life extra prepared.
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