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  1. If a whale has Almost the same organs as us then why does it need such a big brain? I wouldn’t think for example a bigger colon would require such a large section of brain to control because it would still be the same function just larger size. Also are the neurons bigger? If so that makes even less sense to me.
  2. I should have done a better job of explaining that at the beginning, but I kinda brushed up on it in my first response. I’m sorry if I don’t make any sense English is my first language. First means 2 right?
  3. It depends what you consider an animal, I am strictly speaking about individual species, but I see your point.
  4. Superior simply means better than, now while you can be better than someone at 1 thing, I am simply saying that an creatures goal is to survive, and that is the only way an animal can be superior at being an animal. All other manners in which an animal can be superior that I stated wouldn’t necessarily make a creature better at continuing to be that same creature. So there really only is 1 way a creature could be superior at continuing to live. I should have made that more clear in the begging. All other forums of superiority aren’t specific to being a creature.
  5. For those who haven't used a rubix cube there are certain patterns you simply cannot achieve, for example if you flip exactly 1 corner to the right or left, either by taking it out or by simply twisting it you can not solve it without either twisting it back or twisting all other corners relative to it, or you can turn all but one other corner in different directions and then be able to solve it. Or you can turn all of the corners and try to solve it and you will only have one corner turned wrong. I can not figure out the math behind this. Can someone explain if you can.
  6. I was talking with my father yesterday and he was talking to me about how cats are the superior and are truly most perfect of all creatures. It got me thinking, what makes an animal superior. The question really is complicated Size? Well It cant be because whales have been hunted to extinction by things much smaller than them, and millions of humans have died because of a bacteria known as the plague, to small to be seen with the naked eye. So that cant be it. Ability to kill other creatures? That would render most plants, many parasites, some would even say herbivorous animals completely obsolete, and we know that cant be the case, also because animals like whales who kill billions of shrimp in their lifetime would be absolutely superior, and algae eating insects even more superior. So that cant be it. Intelligence? While this is a hard one to disprove we really are not at the top, we might be far outlived by certain bacteria or water-bears who are extremely susceptible to change. Since as far as we know colonizing mars and exploring the moon and creating 4 ounce brain blocks called phones really isn't necessarily making us superior, cause even with these we don't have a much higher chance of survival than any other species. Adaptability? A great example for this is the Water bear, they can survive deep space, centuries without water or food, they can survive near absolute zero and boiling water, but water bears wont breed better or mate faster because of this, they can just get into the nooks and cranny's of certain areas which we can't. Population? This is another one hard one to disprove, so lets look at bacteria, they can reproduce at thousands a minute, they overpopulate humans by the quadrillions, but they die so quickly and have almost no effect on what kills them besides simply evolving to fit it. Unaltered? This is the best one i can think of, obviously the inability to survive or mate leads to change, an unaltered animal is therefore unchangeable, there is no reason to change it, therefore, perfect, given its situation, crocodiles are very superior to other animals, horseshoe-crabs even more, sharks, maybe even humans, we don't know if we will change or die off in the text trillion years. But so far the most successful animal known to man, is the... drum roll... Cyanobacteria, or algae, With 2.8 billion years without any major change! And since most modern species of cats came to be less than 15 million years ago house cats really arent very superior.
  7. Before I explain my point I just wanted to get some feedback on whether or not i am in the right place doing the right thing. This is the first post I have made on these forums and i just wanted to make sure that i am doing everything correct. According to a carbon dioxide quantity estimate over 1.4 billion years ago there was 10 to 10,000 times as much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as there is today. In the 1880's Humans had the nice little idea to burn oil and coal to create energy for our cars and houses and lights and Cd players and air conditioners, and before that our planet was steadily losing its carbon dioxide to the ground. My question is, if we never came along and released the carbon dioxide from the ground would we have run out of carbon above ground and killed all living creatures? Obviously it would take a while for this to happen, some small microscopic bacteria may have survived in small pockets of carbon, or carbon that is exposed on the side of a mountain. But carbon is a necessary building block for all life that we know and if possible to live without would take far longer than the time given, to evolve out of the necessity for it. So are we our planets, or rather Earth life's heroes? I am not saying global warming and the burning of fossil fuel is a good thing, though it may be better for the animals on our planet. There are also many different ways that these oils get back into our environment such as oil pockets and volcanic burning of these oils and coals, and in these, after life's demise, might have lived small microorganisms beginning the process of evolving into smart creatures again. CarbonDioxidequantityestimate: https://www.google.com/searchq=does+oil+naturally+leaks+into+the+ocean&rlz=1CADEAG_enUS811US811&oq=does+oil+naturally+&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0l2.16759j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&safe=active&ssui=on
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