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  1. oh, John...you are in for a big surprise one day lol! it's all good... one can only see from their current level of awareness. I only posted so others researching the blue light can get another answer outside of the doctor one.
  2. I have been seeing this single, small pinpoint of bright, deep blue light dot for years. For those of you saying see a doctor, the blue light many of us see is not like those that come before a migraine or a floater. When you turn your head, the floaters follow/move with you. The blue light stays where it is. It also appears at different depths in the room, sometimes right next to me, other times in thevopposite corner of the room. After much research, I now know the blue light is absolutely some type of loving, almost protective essence. When I researched this years ago, the people who saw this light the most were those calling upon Archangel Michael often. I have never been religious as my parents are athiests, but I am open minded and aware enough to know such beings exist. To me, my light is Archangel Michael. When I see the light, I use it as a reminder to get present and to know you I am loved and protected.
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