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  1. Can u explain more please?
  2. I am not able to solve this problem as the pulley also has mass. The moment of inertia is I
  3. Well first i calculated the work done by the gas in left compartment which was nRT ln( 2/(1+n)) and then by 2nd compartment which is nRT ln(2n/(1+n)^2) so total work is the sum of two which is nRT ln(4n/(1+n)^2) but the answer is inverse of it that is nRT ln((1+n)^2/4n) plz help
  4. A piston can freely move inside a horizontal cylinder. Initially thr piston separates the cylinder in two parts of equal volume V and pressure P and temperature T. What work has to be done to increase the volume n times that of other ISOTHERMALLY?
  5. Does the constant in a polynomial equation f(x) moves it up and down or does it does something more to the graph. Ex x^2 + 3x + a = f(x)
  6. Oh yes sorry i didn't understood u yes the graph should move up and down as the points - 1 and 1 are fixing the graph's turning point. If x be very large then y will also be large as it will meet the line of graph will be a slightly straight line. If a = 0 and x= 0 then y will be zero. Am i going the right direction please check my sketch! When i add postive value of a then the graph is moving up! Oh.. now i got the logic so do u mean that the extreme values of a should be such that the graph lies between fig1 and fig2 . Oh i am not able to upload the images because of file size but now i understood that we should take those value of a such that graph become such that the turning point touches 1 and -1 and not beyond that as the roots will then become imaginary. So is the value of a for the above case -2<a<2 ??
  7. I know a bit about curve sketching only! So please can u explain more. I know that graph will turn at -1 and then 1.
  8. The set of values of a for which the equation x^3 - 3x + a has one negative and two positive roots is ? I know that a>0 and i also know that the turning point of the graph is at x=-1 and x = 1 but how to proceed further??
  9. What have i not mentioned?. I have clearly mentioned all the forces on the wedge and the components. Is it not clear to you?
  10. Please check the figure i have posted i have applied Newton's laws. Fbd of wedge,
  11. No i mean about the Acceleration vertically downward. Checkout the figure Fbd of wedge,
  12. Ohh i am so sorry i wrote 'block'. Sorry the wedge is fixed
  13. Because of gravity. The component of gravitational Force along plane i.e gsin(theta)
  14. No, the block is fixed. No it's not a homework. I am just curious and confused as well.
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