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  1. When an inductor discharges its magnetic field does it produce a current?
  2. First you have to define God.
  3. In these 3 fields: 1. An electric field 2. Magnetic field 3. Gravitational field
  4. What does dark brown beer or maybe even black beer taste like? Not really a fan of beer as I only drink to get wasted and I prefer something sweet like a vodka cruiser that comes in fruity flavors. I have tasted light beers, you know the yellow colored ones but haven't tasted the darker selection. What does it taste like and why is darker in color than regular beers?
  5. I looked it up and it said that it was simply wireless energy transmission. Yes I actually also think that is the future of energy, specifically energy transmission. I think other thing you are talking about is maybe way for energy production that has not been discovered and is a possibility, I am not really sure what you are explaining so I can't comment further.
  6. I am not sure, sorry! Here is another question if you may please help with, if an inductor stores energy in a magnetic field, what type of energy is it? Capacitor is easy cause it stores energy in an electric field and more or less it is simply more electrons on one side then the other which means its potential energy. What about an inductor, I don't get how energy is stored in a magnetic field...
  7. Like when at lectures or studying from a book. Do you have any tips or scientific proven tips that enable the most effective learning?
  8. Then is there any purpose to an inductor with constant current going through it? Is AC usually used with inductors since its always changing.
  9. I only liked the 1st season and it was pretty good show. It got boring season 2.
  10. What is the future of the production of energy? Is it wind, solar, nuclear, waterfalls etc? What are some of the thing in developmental stage that will improve energy production some how?
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