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  1. Like ThePirateBay to download the torrents and use the torrents with Utorrent or some other one. I have save tons of money from using Torrents and am very thankful for its existence. Free information, free movies, free shows and free books... etc SO MUCH MORE! What are your experiences like with Torrents and do you use them? (I know I explain it weird cause I don't know all the terms to use but I know how to use them) Edit: There was this course that costs 250 bux each and so I saved 500 dollars from having to buy it. Also I saved a lot more by downloading free mathtutordvd courses.
  2. That was weird I couldn't reply for a while... anyway.... I don't know what you mean by oppose or add but 5 amps is positive and 7.5 amps is negative if your meshes are going clockwise. And if you reversed them and your meshes are going clock wise still then it would be negative 5 amps and positive 7.5 amps.
  3. Ok thank you. But I found that you treat as negative number for what I was asking.
  4. Actually we already know how how electricity work, it is simply a flow of charge, and quantum mechanics is what explains electricity at the most fundamental level, if you want to understand it at a fundamental level. Electricity is more or less classical mechanics so we known about how it works for hundreds of years. This is what a hydrogen atom looks like with a quantum microscope: And if you want start knowing more about electricity simply use wikipedia.Wikipedia - Electricity
  5. I am actually learning about Thevenin equivalent circuits and transforming circuits into a Thevenin equivalent circuit. That is what we do with Thevenin Theorem not the Mesh Current Method, to find Equivalent Thevenin Resistance.
  6. If you are, I got some questions for you? I will start off by asking what kind of laws/principles/theorems do you deal with in real life circuit analysis? What kind of software do you use? Does the computer do most of the work?
  7. When using the Mesh Current Method in circuit analysis and you encounter a loop with a current source that is going the opposite direction of the mesh current do you assign a negative number to that current source? For example in this circuit there is a 7.5 amp current, I was taught to go clockwise with the current, it really doesn't matter which way you go as long as you get the sign conventions right and put negative and positive where they need to be but in this case I am dealing with whether it is negative or not since I am going clock wise. Do I treat it as negative number, -7.5.
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