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  1. I don't know much on the subject of decomposition, but by removing trees you are removing a component to the ecosystem, even things that are dead are useful to the ecosystem. While trees do release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when they die, according to an article I read it seems that if trees did die and produce large amounts of co2 experimentally your data will show pulses of increased co2 in our atmosphere. Here is a link to the research mentioned in the article https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/ele.12097 The main problem I see with simply burning paper is that perhaps the reason is that the energy density of the paper itself is simply not as efficient and sustainable as other energy sources such as electricity or natural gases. As for why we recycle paper here is a article you can read https://www.thoughtco.com/the-benefits-of-paper-recycling-1204139 Hope this helped
  2. I have no idea about 99% of what you wrote down, but it was all very informative and interesting. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  3. Okay sorry, I'm just stupid I figured it out. I always figured charcoal was just carbon. As it turns out it is an impure form of carbon which has hydrogens and oxygens attached, when chemically activating charcoal the dehydrating agent,"During the process of activation, ZnCl2 eliminates hydrogen and oxygen atoms of carbon materials as water rather than as oxygenated organic compounds, thus leading to the generation of porosity as well as enhancing the carbon content."(Page 74 PDF Below) Also the creation of the porous structure is different for compounds such as hydroxides if anybody is mildly interested I highly suggest reading the pdf below. The file is to large to attach so I'll provide a direct link. https://nccr.iitm.ac.in/e book-Carbon Materials final.pdf
  4. Yea it looks correct to me, I also went out of my way to check my textbook for geometries on paper. Straight lines- bond in plane of paper Hatched wedge -bond going into page Solid wedge Bond coming out of page.
  5. I was researching how to create activated, I found a lot of material and eventually found the easiest method to be to chemically activate the charcoal. The method is fairly easy , but I have no idea what exactly is taking place in the reaction between the sodium chloride solution (dehydrating agent) and the carbon. I understand that the carbon is becoming porous thus increasing the surface area but how and why. Below is a pdf that I was reading on the creation of activated charcoal. Activated Charcoal.pdf
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