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  1. If the answer is "yes" my next question is, wich is the best way to do that ?. Regards for all.
  2. Hi there ! I want to clean my desktop computer, but i really dont want to broke it, wich is the best way to do it ? May you can share to me yours experiences.. (im talking about inside the tower of desktop PC ) regards !
  3. Thanks ! , i will read about it... Also I found some information about DIMACS problem, some people say that could be usefull, what do you think about it ?
  4. Hi everyone, I have been studying about Multi-agent pathfinding. My task is to implement a cooperative pathfinding in a city, the streets as a edges and intersections as a vertex. Now, i hope you can help me with documentation about that, all is usefull in order to research. Actually Im looking papers about multi-agent pathfinding IN cities ( no between cities ), for example A* for a simple agent with a city as a graph or LRTA* for single agent or directly for multi agent. regards ! and thanks for everyone.
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