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  1. So, this is new for me. Recently I have been thinking on something that bugs me a tiny bit, and I suppose it has just gotten my gears turning to the point where I'd even want to coin a paradox of it. The "Veer" Paradox, if you will. This is somewhat hard to compose in a manner for you as a reader to understand. Let me try this though. 13.8 Billion years back, let's say we are at the point of the Big Bang, moments before it's grand eruption. What made the very fabric of Space Time? What happened before this point? What happened before that point? What about before that point? This sounds stupendously simple, however, I have spent entire nights elaborating, just trying to settle the chain of questions. If you think very long and hard about it, it is truly thought provoking, because there logically HAS to be an answer, but you know you'll never quite get there. I wish to start a fun, brain teasing buzz in the community, and hear what people think actually happened before the point of the Big Bang, and if they get equally as frustrated with the magnitude of questions that follow trying to even barely comprehend it. I also want thoughts and feedback of my idea on me coining the phenomenon. (Disclaimer: I am aware that this is more of a Universal topic, but I figured it can be philosophical seeing that it touches on the beginning, and the potential point of existence, because you'll be left questioning it if you truly think about what I have stated.)
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