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  1. Sense perception, weather it is smelling,hearing, tasting, etc, how does the body know what to sense? For example, hot and cold, how does the body know what is hot and what is cold? How does it know the difference bewteen hot and cold in order to activate those specific sensory receptors for hot and receptors for cold? Another example is how does the tongue sense hot of a chemical instead of sensing cold? What mechanism separates the sensation from hot and cold so the tongue knows that chilli peppers are hot and not cold? Is there some type of information present in chemicals that tells the tongue it is either hot or cold? I hope my question is clear, I am trying to understand how the body knows when to sense a specific sensation as opposed to another sensation. How can it tell the difference bewteen something hot and cold? (for example). We all know sensation occurs via sensory neurons, but how does sensation sense one sense instead of another like hot and cold?I I think there must be some sort of information or mechanism in sensed things that allow the body to read it and sense that instead of another sense , what is this information or ability? Thanks
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