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  1. So even if the original bible wrote the Pi symbol, in a verse where God calls himself the Pi symbol, and the same verse is called "3:14", you would still say in that case that Pi is not even being referred to at all?
  2. How is that comparable to what's in Pyron's book? Finding that the name of God in the bible is the exact same shape as the symbol for Pi, and also that God says "I am Π" in a verse labeled "3:14" is direct. You admit that the signs have the same look, and that "3.14" is the start of Pi, so how can you possibly get out of the fact that the sign in Exodus "3:14" is the Pi sign? So you are admitting that if it wasn't "maybe added after the fact into the bible", then it would definitely be a discovery?
  3. How is it not a discovery when the "3.14" matches with the number of the Pi sign in the verse? Where was "scientific rigor" abandoned?
  4. You don't think that noticing the Hebrew for "I am " is the same as the Pi symbol in a verse called "3:14" is a discovery?
  5. A new book goes through great detail to prove that the whole bible is a song, and the symbols in the bible are music symbols, that when calculated correctly actually play the entire sequence of the Pi number. A very interesting proposal, but what is even more interesting is how the book explains and calculates the Pi number. Pi is "3.14", and keeps going without end, and the sign for Pi is Π, so I think that it is a groundbreaking discovery that the Pi symbol is written in Exodus "3:14", and the chapter "3" verse "14" stands for the "3.14" of the number Π. The verse has the Pi sign and God claims to be the number Pi, the verse says "I am that Π", because the name of God is the Pi symbol. The book only gets more detailed and interesting from there, as it shows that the entire bible is the calculation of the number Pi. What do you think about this new idea? Here is the link to the book, Ad spam removed
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