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  1. Magic Eye is not related to blurring vision. it is about changing perspective and look at an image in a different depth. Search for Stereogram.
  2. Well, as I said it on my other post we don't think that we are an avenger or something. Also if you are saying that this is very common I would like you to ask everyone around you if they can see clear or read a book on any numbered glasses of their friends or event grandpas glasses. Then please tell me how common this is.
  3. Did anyone ever go to a doctor and explained this situation?
  4. I’m not going to speak like “we have superpowers” or stuff but this is not as common as most people here think. My guess this ability is confused with something else. We are talking about an ability to change the focus at will or better our eyes adapting in different situations. For like when you put on your grandpas glasses on, you still see clear. Or your friends etc. No matter how big the number is, you just see clear with any numbered glasses. How many people can see clear with another numbered glasses as they see with none? Tell me how common is that. aı have a different aproach; My theory is that actually our eyes are faulty and the blurred state is actually our default state of the eye. So we should use glasses to fix our blurry vision. But the ability to control (adapte) the cillitary muscles just fixes that problem for us and lets us see clear. The bonus is we can blur at will and see clear on every glasses.
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