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  1. 26 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    You can't force people to believe what you want (heresy), you can't even force people to do what you want (hunger strike).

    Actually you can force people to believe or do what you want, it doesn't even need a word, that is what human free will is about, you can do anything you want. But usually you have to willing to face the consequences of your actions or if you don't suffer any consequences then that is that, you just did force someone to believe or do what want.

  2. For example:

    (1) 3x + 2y + 7z = 100 

    (2) 21x + 3y - 5z = 50 

    (3) 4x - 2y + 3z = 20 

    What is the algebraic method to solve for the sum of unknown variable equaling the number of equations. So if I had 5 unknown variables and 5 equations that included those 5 unknown variables and so on and so on

    This was my method using a different equation:

    Isolate x from (1)

    sub into (2)

    Isolate y

    Sub y into x

    next sub x and y into (3)

    Isolate z

    And it worked.

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