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  1. Okay, thank you. I have identified at least 8 different sources which have been partially copied, I'll try to find out which one might be the most interested / harmed by this practice. Oh, and for clarity, while I'm not a scientist, the book is scientific (about engineering), not about art, perhaps I wasn't too clear about that?
  2. Hi, I'm not a "hard" scientist (history of art), but by accident I stumbled across a recent scientific book (published by Wiley, written by University professor) which contains what I think are many plagiarized sections (some identical, some with very minor changes). I contacted Wiley about this more than a month ago, but haven't gotten a reply nor have they taken any action about the book. I have no idea where I could best report this situation, I have no personal stake in this (the copied texts are not by me or anyone I know), but don't like knowing about such a situation and not doing anything about it. Do I post my evidence here (in whichever subforum you prefer), or is there some scientific journal or newspaper who might be interested in this? The author is not some big-shot name, so it's highly unlikely that a mainstream newspaper would be in any way interested. Thank you, Francis
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