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    A Microscope for my Son

    Hi, thanks so much for your input its much appreciated! I'm not sure we'll be cultivating microorganism colonies in petri dishes at this stage though, I think that's a bit advanced for both of us Thanks for the suggestion it's certainly interesting and something to think about maybe when he's a bit older. The Stains is a good suggestion, I didn't think of that but yes I know that's used quite extensively in microscopy! The Bresser Microscope you suggested Sensei looks really awesome! I was looking around at similar ones and the guy on this site ( suggests Celestron as a good option with a 5MP camera and its right in my budget range, not sure if the site is trustworthy or not though :/ There's certainly a price difference between the two but the Bresser you recommend does have a higher magnification and a sweet screen on it. Something to think about, thank you!
  2. Carlqua

    A Microscope for my Son

    Hi all, my name is Carl and I have a science-mad 11 year old son! He likes school and all but he loves nothing more than going out, looking at wildlife, he appreciates plants and so on and they have introduced him to using the microscope at school recently to take a closer look at the cells and microstructures that make up living and inanimate matter. He says he doesn't get enough time on the microscopes at school, and would really love to have one at home and well I would love to buy him one to encourage his hobbies and so I have been looking around and wondering if you guys on this forum have any suggestion. There's one thing for certain, I'm not interested in getting him a plastic toy one for kids. I have seen you can buy regular microscopes that I remember when I was at school but they also have USB ones which connect to a computer which I think would be great for future school projects but I was wondering if you guys know of any downsides to them? Furthermore, I know slides are needed and maybe a pair of tweezers but do you think there would be any other equipment I would need alongside it? I would really appreciate any advise form you guys, you seem really helpful. I do apologize if I have posted this in the wrong category!