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  1. Thanks for your reply. So will unlead petroleum can act like the gas in your a/c system. After it comes out of the small orifice the gas expands and gets cold. So at the moment, i have air and fuel going through the carburetor (dont know the size of the hole that goes through the carburetor) out to my device, witch has a slightly bigger pipe then to the engine. My device has the same in and out diameter pipe. So will this cause the pressure drop. My carburetors hole through the center is about 18mm and my device has 19mm. Hiw much will this effect it. Thanks Sorry for lack of info. It would be easier if i could tell you what my idea is, but i need to know why the fuel and my devise gets so cold.
  2. Hello i was trying to build a fuel saver system for my small engine 5.5hp 4 stroke. Its a fuel vapor system. But without going into to much detail about it, because at this point i think i have something good and dont want to tell many people about it. All i need to know is when my fuel vapor system is in operation it gets super cold and my engine dose not like it. What i am asking is, if i put to much air through Petroleum dose it go in a cold state. Or what happens to it. If i add heat from the exhaust will that bring it back to normal.
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