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  1. This is why i said I'm inclined to believe reincarnation, and there is evidence to support this regardless of whether or not mainstream science accepts it or not. I personally can't imagine just fading into the void, that mindset is reserved for depressed people who think the world is absolutely garbage and just want the sweet release of death but are too afraid to end it themselves. Whether you like it or not, your statement isn't fact but also a belief as well. It's not that you know or are convinced there is nothing beyond this life. It's more you're like Thomas Nagal and you (Ironically enough) pray that there is nothing, because you somehow thing that it gives this life meaning. I actually ran into someone, who said they found joy and empowerment in their absolute meaninglessness in this universe, which was quite frankly the most terrifying thing I've ever heard in my life. You word it real nicely, but at the end of the day, all you're really doing is preaching a mindset of looking out for yourself and effectively closing yourself off to the problems of others. The Fact is you are trying to profess your beliefs as fact, and that makes you just as bad as you claim I am. Just remember I saw the specter of death when it almost came for my little brother, and it made it clear to me that there is no such thing as a Guaranteed long life. Your end can come for you at anytime, and assuming that you don't have to worry about death until your are old and withered is a fools claim. It truly is a shame, I came here hoping to disprove the misconceptions I have regarding the mindsets of you types, yet all that has happened is that you solidified them. But I'm probably asking the wrong ones and should take my search to a place where people are a little more open minded. Someone call the mods. Have them close this thread and ban my account. I'm done here.
  2. You...you guys think i'm attacking you?! Oh that's rich. I came here looking to straighten out some misconceptions i may have had, the big bang theory thing is something i heard from others not what i was taught. I'm sorry i don't have the capacity to think solely in cold hard logic, but if you honestly think that I am in anyway attacking you, then that says a lot more about you then it does me. Just because I'm blunt and straight forward doesn't mean I'm hostile. Sheesh. Oh....I do love me some science fiction...always did have an affinity for it. I'll definitely check it out thank you. I'm sorry, but I just can't see death being the end....and frankly until scientists can solve the "Hard problem of consciousness" Then this is the stance I will take that consciousness and by extention the soul, Lives on outside the body. If that makes me come off as stubborn or ignorant, so be it.
  3. Uh you can leave now because you've basically done nothing but prove my original point. Where in all your constant drivel was there to be any thing constructive other then to remind me that I'm an idiot? There is none alright? All you have done is cast everyone else here is a bad light with your bigotry and arrogance. So I suggest you be a good little boy go back to worshiping richard dawkins and Karl Marx and let the adults do the talking. You are assuming one wrong thing. All I professed was that there is life beyond death......when did I ever once claim the existence of a god? That is completely irrelevant to my argument.
  4. Because otherwise if you weren't born in a first world country, you might as well just off yourself cause there is absolutely no hope for you.
  5. Mostly when asking certain people how the big bang happened, and that's generally the answer they give me. Either that or they start yelling at me and calling me an idiot.
  6. would I say all my questions were answered? Not entirely but I can say I can walk away content with the answers I got knowing I still have a lot to learn
  7. I figured I would at least stroke his ego a little since he thinks his opinion is so much more valuable over yours and everyone else's.
  8. Oh im so sorry for not blindly listening to everything you have to say oh wise one. Please enlighten me with your superior intelligence as I'm too much of an ignorant fool to do anything myself "Bows"
  9. Ugh...me and math never got along. Once I realized algebra was basically glorified division, i kinda just stopped caring about it unless i needed to.
  10. Yeesh do you go through everything with this much of a fine tooth comb? I didn't think i needed to clarify that I'm revering to all living creatures.
  11. Well someone has a high opinion of himself.....just because your pride is hurt doesn't mean I'm not reading your stuff. Also didn't you just say you were gonna stop replying? In all seriousness I never considered myself a christian, in fact if you look at my OP i explicitly stated that i never considered myself a part of any of the abrehemic religions. Rather i take much of my beliefs from many eastern religions and adopt them into my own world view. Honestly it's a very important thing to clarify. Are you an atheist because you deny christianity? Or do you deny ALL religions? Like paganism, hinduism all that? Or do you just lump them all into one basket and consider them all the same? These are very important things that must be clarified.
  12. I'm not even in my 30's yet. You might be thinking "What?! You are way too young to be thinking about death!" Nononononon. I came to the realization that the specter of death can come for us at anytime. It almost claimed my brother and everyone says the fact that he's alive is a miracle.
  13. So it's not that one thing invalidates the other or that they should coexist and compliment each other, but that they deal with 2 separate fields of human experience entirely?
  14. If you were JUST an atheist, it wouldn't be a problem. But these days atheism is synonymous with Arrogance, cynicism and and in many cases nihilism/misanthropy. Like I know for a fact conservative atheists exist....which for the longest time i thought was a combination so rare, that i genuinely wondered if i could get them on an endangered species list. Take this how you will, and maybe I'm not talking to the right ones. But I've yet to meet an atheist that was one because of genuine disbelief, as opposed to just using it as an excuse to spite people who do believe or as an excuse to just do whatever they want regardless of the consequences. For lack of a better term, I've yet to meet an atheist where a disbelief in god was all it was. It's like that guy who can't go 5 minutes without reminding everyone that he's gay, you know the guy right? That's how it is with some of the people I've seen The worst case I've seen was a guy who would literally just get set off if you so much as mention the word "Soul"......I am not exaggerating. He literally started ranting and raging the moment someone used the word "Soul". There's just so many things to say about that I don't know where to begin.
  15. Stop trying to be subtle about your mockery you aren't very good at it. Also Never think i am ever discrediting science, I'm a technology nerd for crying out loud. Like strange said most religions are accepting of sciences advancements, but i just cant see how someone can justify that we are just glorified fleshy robots. How someone can say everything i think and feel are nothing more then impulses and delusions. I mean For example: I can't imagine any situation where say, Cheating on your wife and then telling her that it was caused by a chemical reaction in your brain, would have her be like "Oh ok"
  16. But wouldn't turning to the church be considered anti science?
  17. ......You've never gone through death anxiety before have you? And I would learn more about scientific theories if a lot of them weren't so boring. The main one's that interest me are astrology, Quantum mechanics, Various fringe sciences and what people tend to laugh off as pseudo science like parapsychology. I mean how much use is it, knowing all 11,800 species of ants? Or knowing about the 4th tooth difference between a croc and an alligator? And lets not forget the pitch drop experiment.....why does that one even exist? Honestly I just want something to quell this feeling of dread of my own inevitable death. And forgive me if I get emotional, but something beyond death would mean those who got dealt a bad hand in life can get another chance....idk call me sentimental or the wish of someone powerless to do something himself.
  18. At least you're more polite about it then the jerk above you. But yeah I get it. Still I can't really limit myself to just one field. Even if it is shallow i wanna at least know the basics so when i get in discussions i at least have SOME idea what im talking about.
  19. And i think that's my issue. I hesitate to call myself in any one area, but I studies most of the scientific fields to know at least the basics in a lot of them. So my knowledge is more....diverse at the very least. And I would at least hope most scientists would know basic first aid, at least. I never said it was physicists who try to discredit religious people did i?
  20. Ok let me break this down. This 2 atoms thing, mostly come from people who wanna try and discredit religious people. and I'm not discrediting anything else being sentient. That's like me saying animals like dogs and what not aren't sentient. That would be foolish. Why would i be surprised if another creatrures ended up being capable of speech? I shouldn't And you seem to assume that my belief is limited to only humans which again isn't the case. I'm talking in regards to all living sentient creatures. Be they Humans, Animals, or creatures we have even yet to see. I know i'm terrible at explaining stuff, but my thinking isn't as one dimensional as you seem to think it is.
  21. So....is there like a hierarchy of scientific fields or something?
  22. I mean in terms of life beyond the veil, what happens to our consciousness? Is it all limited to our brains like so many grimdark enthusiasts love to profess? or is there something more? The field of quantum mechanics brings a lot of hope for the idea that there is something past death and that it is merely an illusion. And there is evidence of such things being true for example ian stevensons research on reincarnation despite a lot of it not being concrete. But to so confidently say "Nope there's nothing, you just rot when you die" or "Yep they lost their one chance at life before it really began.....sucks to be them" I just don't understand how anyone can think like that.
  23. You might be right about one thing. The answers i seek probably won't come from science. Is there something more to the universe then the physical? Or are we the result of some sick cosmic joke? Sticking around only long enough to know what we want, and then spontaneously cast back into the void.
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