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  1. Hi. Firstly I should acknowledge that I'm clearly out of my depth on this forum as I am by no means a science sepecialist or professional. However, I have an inquisitive mind and for some time have been considering the issues of our acknowledged human senses against those that may not be currently recognised, or at least accepted. Whilst the 'sixth sense' of proximity or presence is often debated, I'm interested in other senses that our complex, yet conditioned brains may not 'be able' to identify. My (purely fantasist at this point) proposal, is that there could be other entities or beings sharing our space, which very few of us (me included) can see or acknowledge. I wonder if there are levels in our Neuro-sensitivity (I think I've just made that up!) that are not yet unlocked, or are blocked by historic, societal conditioning. I guess, cutting to the chase: can anybody point me to someone that might have done some research into whether what we see, hear, smell, touch and taste is all we are truly able to experience. Please don't 'science shame' me. I'm a marketing director from a sleepy village, not a high-flying scientist. I just have an inkling that I'd like to investigate. Thanks, in advance, for any comments on this topic, Stu.
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