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  1. Hahaha Koti being a broke ass student, I'm not sure I want to try modifying an $8000 lab incubator. Sensei, great recommendations. Will definitely look into as well. Thank you
  2. Thank you Dr P. I will look into the fibre optic lens idea. Yes Koti, the experiment is over a week. I know GoPro have horrible battery life but worth considering. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a student lab assistant assisting on an experiment and we're stuck on a particular problem which I thought maybe the collective wisdom of the great people here might be able to solve. We are doing an experiment where we are growing crickets inside a Thermoline Incubator with diurnal lighting. It would be really helpful if we can video record them inside the incubator throughout their life cycle from birth to adulthood. The incubator has a solid door so we can't point a camera into the incubator from the outside and the incubator is set to 32 degrees celsius / 90 degrees fahrenheit on the inside. We're contemplating putting a camera in the incubator anyways and see what type of issues it would face at that temperature. The cord would hang out the door squashed by the seal of the incubator. I don't think this is the most ideal scenario and was wondering if anyone had any other ideas? Thank you
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