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  1. Is there any freeware for simulate a chemical kinetic of a reaction?
  2. I have a xrd spectograph but i can't analyze it with xpowder software because the maximum intensity is zero, anyone can help me? Or it is because the data is invalid?
  3. I just found one route to make SnSO4 from the internet This is the url : https://patents.google.com/patent/US2726929 But assignment goal is to compare at least two route of making SnSO4 and choose one route that most economic. Thanks for your help..
  4. what i use here is pure Tin in powder form, and H2SO4 70% what i need is there any source material that discuss about this topic thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I have an assignment to describe SnSO4 with effective method and most economic way possible in industry. Is there can help my with this assignment? I just need some source for this topic. Thank you very much!!!
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