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  1. Time dilation (split from The Collatz Conjecture)

    I already did that it's in the pdf. By the way what is a moderator note ?
  2. Time dilation (split from The Collatz Conjecture)

    By the way why isn't anyone else seeing this. They might just be better than you. Anyone there .?
  3. Time dilation (split from The Collatz Conjecture)

    Come on its just wasting time. It is just a 4 page article just read it ones
  4. Time dilation (split from The Collatz Conjecture)

    Sorry about that. Can we not just check it once and then argue ?
  5. Time dilation (split from The Collatz Conjecture)

  6. Check this out first please . Well one of my friends brother who passed out class 10 wrote it. Is it correct or is it just a good attempt by a 15 yr old I know it's out of topic but since I've decided to discuss my so called theories on this forum I'd like it to start with this I'd be very obliged if you all could just review and express your views about the paper. A-New-Dimension-to-Time-Dilation-3 (1).pdf
  7. The Collatz Conjecture has been proved. What next??

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it out .
  8. The Collatz Conjecture has been proved. What next??

    All right guys now you all are being a bit rude. You all have assumed many a things about my expectations but all I really want is a reply. 1. I tried to contact AMS no reply 2. IJISRT no reply 3. Went to my maths teacher , didn't understand the goddamn proof. (Although I don't know why was it so hard to understand ) 4. And As of your solution to post my proof here. What guarantee can you provide me with that my proof will still be mine ? So guys I tried out all the solutions generated by the previous string. And this is what I meant when I said that it did not turn up satisfactory answers. Do I want people to know me ? Obviously yes who dosent ? But first I'm expecting someone to atleast understand what im trying to say. I think I'll try the Annnals of mathematics. Then electronic journals of combinatronics. I hope my answer has lived up to your rude comments and shows you that I'm trying to do what I can.
  9. The Collatz Conjecture has been proved. What next??

    Well the last thread didn't really turn up satisfactory answers
  10. The Collatz Conjecture has been proved. What next??

    Hey guys . Has the collatz conjecture been proved yet ? If yes then who and how and if no then I'd like to share a proof I've come up with. And also please say where can I submit this proof ?
  11. Hi guys. I have made a simple but addictive video game using html5 css3 and Jscript. I want to become like elon musk and hence I want to start off by selling the source code of my game. The game is quite addictive and people are surely gonna love it. Whom can I sell this source code being an indian high school student. Please do help I'll be taking the advice of this forum everytime from now on if this works. Please do help me out to achieve my dreams and goals. Thank you.
  12. Hi friends I am a high school student from india and have been trying to prove the collatz conjecture. Physics and maths have always been my favourite and recently I have been able to develop a proof for this conjecture. What should I do? Whom should I send it to? What is its value? Please do help me out.