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  1. Sorry I forgot to put the source. Here is the diagram source: Chart adapted from B.C. Nelson, The Deluge Story in Stone , Appendix 11, Flood Traditions, Figure 38, Augsburg, Minneapolis, 1931. In response, we couldn't deny the common fact of flood's universality as seen on the diagram.How can civilisation of different locations (rivers & coast) have a similar account for a universal flood? Other than that the commonality also of favored family.
  2. There seems some commonality of the flood traditions from around the world with the biblical account of the flood although there are also differences of them. See the image. My conclusion is these flood traditions seems to originate from a single source. Now what is your conclusion?
  3. The problem of us is we put ourselves the center of all. When God really is the center of all because He is the source of all things and worthy of praise. Putting ourselves in the center gave negative consequences such us sufferings because we forgotten the true center who is God. You see it as God introduce evil but it is actually not. God made the early world perfect but because our first parents rebel it become imperfect. Again I want to emphasize that it is due to freewill that evil may arise. But it doesn't mean that God is responsible for the evil deeds of His creatures because Hi
  4. Otherwise we will not exist and experience His love
  5. Sorry brother, your analogy doesn't fit what I mean. I answer that question and my posts were the ellaborations of my answer. Please read my posts.
  6. God knew what would happen but He did this because of a wider framework that is to bring greater glory to Himself and to share His love to humans. If God would not create us then we cannot experience the majesty of existence in the glory of God. But He created us knowing the consequence of freewill because it right. The problem of us is we put ourselves the center of all. When God really is the center of all because He is the source of all things and worthy of praise. Putting ourselves in the center gave negative consequences such us sufferings because we forgotten the true center who is G
  7. God has the right because He is the one who gave us life. And true happiness is not really in this world but in the kingdom of God.
  8. Ok brother let me explain. God create free creatures because only free creatures can experience love and glory of God. God did not create robots because it is not capable of awareness. You can't make free creatures do only what is right, that's logically impossible.
  9. He really stop them. He stop their rebellion and He threw them in this world. The rebellion of this fallen angels is not yet done. They knew that they will be thrown to the lake of fire. The fight is still going on and sadly humanity became involved in this fight because of our first parents. Hell is not really for us humans it is intended only for Satan and his fallen angels. And I will add in the rescuer, if we see that it is right to kill one person to save the many in the eyes of God it is wrong. The rescuer has no right to get the life of that person. But if not killing that person th
  10. I don't really mean it is not absolute. I mean it could be right in our eyes, but the rescuer kill a person to save the many is wrong in the eyes of God because He is the only One who has the right to take life. The rescuer has no right to take life of that person. It is only in our perspective that it is right. It is not God who created evil. It is cause by His rebellious angels. Evil is the consequence freewill. Evil is the privation of good.
  11. Yes I listen to that. It could be right to kill a person to save the many and it could also be wrong because you kill that person. Only God has the right to take life not us. He has the right to take our life because He is the One who give us life. God could use evil to bring greater good. If we encounter evil in our lives it doesn't mean it is all evil, it has a purpose to bring good to yourself. As what apostle Paul said, the afflictions or sufferings of Christians in this world are not worthy to be compared to the weight of glory which shall be revealed by God. The problem of evil is no
  12. Deep in your heart you know that certain things are right and wrong. I know if I kill you it's really wrong and you would also think it's wrong. Only Christianity is consistent in explaining our world today. It is full of suffering and evil because it really a fallen world. No I am not preaching, it is the ellaboration of my explanation.
  13. Central American cultures have different religion compared to Judaism of the time of Abraham. Israel is the chosen people of God. Central American are gentiles. They are farout in knowing the true God. Their hearts were already clouded.
  14. I just want to say that originally we know right and wrong but because of evil desires our hearts are clouded in doing right and we are drag to do wrong. The world is the testimony of the truth of Christianity. Our world is full of evil because it falls into the curse of sin. Our first parents rebelled against our creator. They rebel because they were carried by temptation and evil came to their lives and to this world. This also happens to us. If we are carried by temptation evil will come to our lives. It is my testimony to my life. I was addicted to pornography but He healed me from addict
  15. Abraham cried when he is going to sacrifice his son. God only test Abraham's faith on Him. Abraham's son was not sacrifice afterall.
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