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  1. Go on the prepper community and see, if you want to learn total self sufficiency you would have to go to an environment that is best suited for you. Ive met some afircan american people that moved to more southern climates because the cold sry air was to hard on their skin and the lack of sunlight led to vitamin D deficiency. They managed to move to nortg Carolina. They say it's much better.
  2. "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - aristotle. If I was in a hole I would stop digging. But you see I'm not in a hole, and I'm also not digging.
  3. Well I think some people have considered my points, and I have no problem with defending my position against criticism. I do not see people entertaining my position though, which is odd. I don't expect people to only say what I want to hear but I do expect people to be at least educated enough to be able to entertain my thought. And you don't have to accept my thought without entertaining it. Okay well what I meant to say was. I will continue presenting my ideas until I find a valid reason I should not have the ideas.
  4. People on this thread: "People wouldn't migrate, they would have bigger problems Also people on this thread: "if I was a survivor, I would move south" You should probably reconsider staying north. It's "warmer" in the south but working and hunting in snow and a little cold is much better than sweating under a scorching hot sun in 90+ degree weather most of the year. If you like it, go ahead, however I am a carpenter and the common opinion among people that do physical labour in my experience is that they prefer northern climates, you can get used to cold and wear jackets while in the south, you have a fan which requires electricity and only "cools" down one spot. Okay so I'm not preaching to anyone. I just don't like where people are taking this discussion with the lack of consideration of my points.
  5. I don't really have a problem if peiple want to have lengthy discussions. It's just I'll continue pushing my ideas until people stop trying to avoid them. It doesn't take away the fact that people DO migrate for sunlight advantages and people DO have natural habitats that pose greater advantages for their skin color. Stop ignoring the facts.
  6. Because in civilization collapse it would be difficult to attain fuel. It's not easier but it might be all you have. What am I cherry picking? Do you realize that it's not uncommon to see people migrate for health benefits in today's world? As much as it might scare you but yes, some white people do migrate north because they are not adapted to the southern climates, and some black people do migrate south for the same reason. I'm saying this type of relocation will be more common without modern civilization.
  7. It depends if I had the ability to do so or not. I would go from Michagan to Texas IF I had the recourses to do so. If I had a car with gas I would use that, if I had a horses I would use that. If I didn't have any more of transportation then there would be no easy way to migrate.
  8. No traffic = room for horse wagon travel, a car that uses ethanol (you would be one of the few people on the road because most people would be dead) horse back, dog sled in winter ect. No but you can get from Michigan to texas. Canada to Tennessee, Colorado to Mexico, Spain to Africa, China to India. Some people couldn't migrate. You still have a habitat on earth
  9. Yes, making it easier to get from one place to the other. (no paperwork to go through when relocating) Actually it would be easier. After a few years there would be no road traffic, crowded places, or any paperwork to go through to gain citizenship.
  10. It depends on where you live. If you are african american in the United States, you would probably move to Arizona, Southern California, Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, or Florida. There are many places to go. I used to live in Ohio and I could travel to Florida to visit family in less than 12 hours. Most places probably won't let people migrate because it would take weeks or need a plane. However if you live in a country that has northern and southern climates you would be in luck. Exactly. And if they arent in the environment that is best suited for them they are also not totally prepared
  11. I know this is lengthy and the discussion is long, that doesn't answer my question. I heard of some instances where some northern slaves were sent to the south treatment for the rickets disease and sent back up north once cured. I'm still doing research however. When you realize its going to take you over 5 days to get over a sickness and you are to weak to farm, hunt, or run away from possible threats. Also Vitamin D is necessary to activate the immune system's T-cells, which identify and attack bad pathogens circulating throughout the body. so you will also have a much more harder time fighting off infection as well. Or when you know that you are at a higher risk for cancer and other diseases. On top of all that, according to this https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4103214/ Vitamin D deficiency is likely linked to premature death, until then you will realize that vitamin D deficiency would be a priority and should not be looked at in an apathetic perspective. Vitamin D deficiency might not be your number 1 concern, but it can make your number 1 concern even more concerning. That sounds like a good enough reason to migrate. Regardless whether if they do or not, the evidence suggest it would be better if they did. So many users on here have responded, but I have yet to find a good reason why people shouldn't migrate for a more garaunteed survival in a crisis.
  12. What about those peppers that put alot of money and time into preparing for these events. Some of them actually do migrate to the enviroment they are adapted to so that they can live as naturally as possible. Don't you think these people might have the right idea? Even if it's not completely necessary, they still are smart by thinking about the best way to live in a crisis possible (i have a lot of "prepper" friends so that is why I bring up this subject)
  13. Not a forced migration, of course. Let's say we had a warning of a crisis that would lead humanity back to close to the stone age. Like a giant meteor or ww3. Would you then, recommend people to migrate if they had opportunities. And considering all the health benefits of doing so.
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